I Wondered Why People Weren’t Calling Like Last Year Then I Realized – No Riots! BUT….

You know what’s odd? This year things have finally gone quiet (our first break in over 2 years). Finally, I asked myself WHY? When stuff like this photo keep happening every day? We provide security to “armor” glass from breach by humans and mother nature. We’ve been covered up with work for years.

Then it dawned on me. Unlike last year we are not having RIOTS! That unrest motivated a lot of business last year. We had an election and everyone was on edge. Two major hurricanes skimmed past us in Texas to wallop Louisiana.

This year: No riots. We had Hurricane Nicholas and people shrugged it off. Things change. But the situation hasn’t changed.

People with glass still need us more than they know. Burglars haven’t retired. Storms will come again with more dangerous winds. We are in a temporary calm.

So, like any business, we adjust, just like everyone has had to adjust during the pandemic. We have become more pro-active. Hardly anyone knows what “security film” is — even though they need it if they have glass windows and doors, which provide a false sense of security.

Don’t believe me? Go home tonight and hit one of your home windows with a brick and see how fast it disappears. What happened to your security? What happens if its a human or a windstorm blowing in through that breach?

Do it again at your office. That’s all it takes to be insecure and vulnerable in a world that is still a dangerous place, even when the sun is out and weather is calm.

There is a short video on our website where I do that for you – hitting a glass slider with a baseball bat. And again, with our film on it. See the difference.

Armor Glass is providing that security to the weakest link of every building on the planet, the glass. Let us protect you and your property before the next incident happens. Free quotes.


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Vaccinated Crew Available after a Record Year

Armor Glass has been on a roll. Despite Covid, we had a record year in 2020.

In 2021, we have seen even more demand. We just finished 5 schools in the Conroe ISD as well as another major hospital that needs it in more and more locations.

For a while, the supply chain issue led to a shortage of our 8 mil Tinted Security Film, but that has been solved and we have a large inventory in our warehouse.

We have also added a vaccinated crew to our staff. Our sales reps and administrative people have all been vaccinated.

We do have an un-vaccinated installer hold out. He is kept isolated from the others. If he gets covid, we now have teams to replace him. I’ve done all I can to convince him to take the vaccine (I had the Moderna). Apparently, my telling him that I took the shot and didn’t grow two heads and magnets still don’t stick to me wasn’t convincing enough. (some people have been falsely told that you become magnetized by taking the shot, meaning you would never be able to get unstuck from the refrigerator or your car if that were true! lol). I don’t even have a magnetic personality as a result of the shot.

I won’t risk my company because someone doesn’t want to take a vaccine that hundreds of millions have taken without a problem. That’s not responsible. I had to get a vaccinated crew to insure I had people who could do the work if others got sick.

My generation took the polio vaccine and the one for smallpox. When I got a job requiring international travel, I got further vaccines to protect me from diseases in less developed countries. None of the vaccines hurt me. In fact, they saved millions of lives. It’s what makes our science and medical expertise No. 1 in the world, where people are dying because they don’t have the same access we take for granted.

Now they are giving me 95% protection from covid versus zero for the un-vaccinated. It is the un-vaccinated who are 99% of those in the hospital with covid. Even in cases where someone with the vaccine gets covid, it’s much less severe.

We avoid this if everyone does the responsible thing and follows the experts and not the fake news on social media, some of which is even placed by hostile foreign powers (looking at you Russia and China).

We have increasingly had demand from customers for a “vaccinated only” crew, which we can now provide.

One of our new installers has over 25 years of experience, including installing the same film Armor Glass sells on all the federal buildings in DC after 911 — from the Pentagon to Congress, the White House, the FBI building, etc.

The 911 plane that hit the Pentagon hit an area in which the film we sell had been applied a year or two before. The study said that the security film on the glass had saved 600 lives that day! That’s why 500,000 square feet of it was applied from one end of DC to the other the year following 911. For them, it was protection from explosions. Now it’s protection from rioters.

We have been busy installing Armor Glass film on schools, churches, synagogues, county and city buildings, homes, businesses both large and small since 2008. It includes numerous storefronts that face constant breaches of their glass walls by Mother Nature and uninvited Human Intrusion.

All buildings built within 200 miles of the coast or tornado zone need Armor Glass film to avoid window breaches from flying debris in hurricane-force winds.  We do this at a cost that is a fraction of expensive shutters and impact glass. Armor Glass spares a building owner from the Olympic trial of having to lift heavy plywood two stories up to protect windows in a high wind. His neighbors might find him blown into the next county in the process.

Armor Glass films also do something that the alternatives don’t do – they cut dangerous solar heat and UV, saving on energy costs. It’s a carbon-negative product – saving more energy than it takes to make it.

Stay tuned. We are scaling up to meet the demand. Every pane of glass on the planet is an accident waiting to happen and needs Armor Glass Security Film armoring it to protect the structure and those inside in the constant chaos of today’s world.


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How to Protect from Hurricanes & Solar HEAT in one easy step

First we had a Record Subzero FREEZE. Now we are getting record HEAT. Within 4 months of each event! This Climate insanity is getting worse.

We had a record 2020 for hurricanes. Two CAT 5’s barely missed Houston and New Orleans. Instead, they laid waste to Lake Charles and the swamped the swamps between our cities. We may not be so lucky this year. Storms are already brewing.

Americans don’t tend to notice what’s happening overseas but the Asian version of hurricanes (Cyclones and Typhoons) have also been hitting record wind speeds and causing substantial damage. The same thing is happening south of the equator in places like Australia. The hotter air means BIGGER storms and more destruction unless people upgrade their weakest link.

Guess what is the first item in a building to blow out in a storm if its not reinforced? Yep. The glass. That breach means major internal damage and uplift on the roof.

What also knocks out 50% of solar heat from getting into your building? Yep….our Armor Glass Security Film…Not to mention providing burglar/shooter protection.

Armor Glass security film is your friend against both Mother Nature’s Fury and Human Intrusion. Check it out today. And the photo? Just wanted to get your attention for an important message :0).

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Humans Die at 140 degrees. Unless we cut Carbon emissions, your children will face that temp. We can help.

You might be wondering about how much external heat a person can tolerate. Live Science writes that most humans can endure about 10 minutes in 140degree heat before suffering from hyperthermia, a lethal form of which is the aforementioned heat stroke. We are getting CLOSE to that.

The Hottest reliably measured temperature in world recorded history in August. Death Valley, California, hit an astonishing 129.9 degrees Fahrenheit (54.4°C) at 3:41 p.m. PDT, August 16, 2020, at the Furnace Creek Visitor’s Center. Round it to 130 degrees.

At that temperature, you can drink water continuously and still not be able to keep from collapsing. The graph above shows that Earth’s current temperatures are rising in that direction, fueled by the increase in carbon from our fossil fuel emissions. Humans have broken a “cooling and heating” cycle that stayed within a constant range for over 800,000 years. We broke that cycle. 2020 was the hottest year on record, one of a series since 2000.

From now on, the planet will only get hotter unless we make a change, caused by our runaway greenhouse gas emissions. That is what killed our sister planet Venus which is an inhabitable hell of 800 degrees, far above the tolerance of humans or life as we know it.

Scientists were able to make that chart of temperatures by drilling ice cores that record this history of our past long before man arrived. At the very end of this chart represents the last 200 years of industrialization — you can see that the temperature jumps far above the hottest temperatures of the past 800,000 years. And it’s moving up. It won’t be coming down again unless we make some changes to our continued emissions from the billions of global factories, houses, and vehicles emitting carbon every day. That’s why cutting carbon is vital to our children’s survival.

Ten thousand years ago only a few humans existed with a few campfires, so there was little impact on the planet. Nature could take its course. But now with 8 billion of us on the planet cooking, heating, driving, cutting forests, releasing methane from oil wells, emitting coal dust from power plants, we are overpowering mother nature in a death grip of carbon and methane releases heating the atmosphere. That is causing us to lose our ice sheets, earth’s freon. When the ice is gone so is our planet’s cooling system. We then become hothouse, Venus.

Do you remember the story of the frogs in the gradually warming pot, who allow themselves to be cooked to death? But if the water had been hot when the frog first went in, he would have jumped out. We are those frogs in a gradual death grip, heating the only blue planet in our part of the universe. Moving to dry airless Mars is not an answer.  Fixing ours is.

The good news is that you can do something about carbon by cutting your own emissions and that there is a product everyone needs that would do just that.  Armor Glass® Security Films armor the weakest link of every building – its glass – from breach by humans with bricks, burglars, and hurricane-force winds hurling debris. It is used to stop shooters, while it also cuts solar heat coming inside your building up to 79% and 99% of harmful UV. Cutting solar heat means your energy bill drops, saving you money. That’s a win-win-win.

Armor Glass® Film is one of those rare, Carbon NEGATIVE products, meaning that the films save more energy than it takes to make it, transport it and install it. It is but one of many solutions we need to pursue to a net-zero carbon world.

Doing nothing is not an option, because that equals planetary suicide. A planet too hot for life will spare no one of any nation or religion or form of government, liberal or conservative.  The problem is global and so is the solution.

There is no Planet B to move to once this one at 130 degrees starts hitting 140 degrees, too hot to grow crops or venture out without immediate heat exhaustion.  The time to act is running out.

If not for you, cut your carbon emissions for your kids who will pay the price of our inaction. We are doing our part at Armor Glass to make their future a better, cooler and safer one.

Michael Fjetland, JD/BBA


How to “Get Prepared” for Hurricane season


Its HURRICANE season folks. Get prepared. But what does “get prepared” include?  DON’T do what the guy in the photo is doing!

Obviously, it means having a plan. A “Go” bag for a quick departure if you are in the forecast zone for impact. But what about your biggest investment – your house? Or your office? How do you prepare it from hurricane-force winds?

The weakest link of every building is the glass – when it is breached by hurricane-force winds, the building is pressurized as the winds try to find a way out. That “out” is what uplifts the roof and pushes the walls out. When IKE hit Houston it blew out windows over 100 miles inland.

Plywood is heavy and expensive and a suicide mission to get on a 2nd floor. Shutters are very expensive and don’t protect from heat or burglars when up.

Security Film “armors the glass” from breach while at the same time it is cutting solar heat and UV from entering the building – or a burglar with a brick. It costs a fraction of impact glass or shutters.

Lets the first part of “getting prepared” you should do. Harden your buildings’ envelop by upgrading the glass which is an accident waiting to happen.

This also protects your home or office while you are gone. And saves on energy. Check us out at:


1st Hurricane Fires Up 2 Weeks BEFORE Hurricane Season Start

Hurricane season doesn’t officially start until June 1 BUT there is already one forming in the Pacific off the coast of Mexico! It is early even though the Pacific official start is May 15.

Last year we had a record 30 hurricanes and this year is predicted to be “above-average” which is a bad sign of more storms to come.   Although the Atlantic hurricane season is not until June 1, usually nothing happened until August or September in those seasons — not May!  The hotter air and warmer ocean are jet fuel for hurricanes. They will batter your weakest link with debris until they fail.

So don’t delay – get prepared! The weakest link is your glass windows and doors. Once they fail you have massive internal damage from water intrusion, flying glass and even structural failure as the winds pressurize your house, pushing the roof up and walls out.

“Armor Your Glass” to avoid damage from Mother Nature as well as human intrusion from guys throwing bricks.

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Nashville Bombing – How Armor Glass protects from Level 2 explosion

This is a video of the Nashville bomb blast – blowing out the glass windows with the blast pressure wave, turning a peaceful scene into hell instantly.

There is a way to protect yourself from this.

Armor Glass security film is applied to the glass and bonded to the frames with a special sealant. It is rated for a Level 2 explosion. It is “armoring the glass” you have. In a bomb blast, hurricane-force winds, or tornado impact, the film contains the broken glass. The structural sealant bonding anchors it to the window frame.

In other words, if people were inside this building when the blast hit and Armor Glass film was on the windows and doors, they could have survived —  instead of being shredded with glass as this video demonstrates.

That is why this same security film was put on the Pentagon and all federal buildings after 911, starting in 2002. They wanted the blast protection and the same film is still working today. We use it for hurricane and burglar protection as well and for school shooters.

While this blast remains a mystery at the time of this writing, the video does show vividly why our special security film is needed on every pane of glass in the country to save lives and property. It is affordable, unlike armored glass that no one can afford. Once the walls are breached by the blast wave, no one inside has a chance; the instant pressurization will raise the roof and blow out walls, just like what happens when a hurricane or tornado breaches your glass.

With Armor Glass security film on your weakest link, you are a lot safer 24/7/365 than without it.

For more info and videos of it in action:


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Mystery of the Nashville Bombing – An RV with a Recording?

This Nashville bombing horror reminds me of the Oklahoma City bombing a domestic terrorist did – Tim McVeigh. That was in the ’90s. Then came 911 and I was on TV for a few years as a terrorism analyst until incorporating Armor Glass to provide security. Since then, our foreign threats have subsided and domestic ones have gone up.

But this bombing was strange – it went off early on Christmas , 6:30 a.m. when almost no one would be on the streets since it was parked next to the ATT building facing a row of deserted bars at that hour.  Police report the RV bomb had a recording warning that it would explode “in 15 minutes.” So killing a lot of people doesn’t seem to be the motive.

Someone called 911 before the explosion to say “Shots fired” – probably to draw in the police since no shots were fired. What the hell purpose does this bombing serve? Was the AT&T building it was parked next to the intended target? Not since the IRA bombing in Northern Ireland has a terrorist given warning of a bombing. In Northern Ireland, someone would call the police and say: “We are going to set off a car bomb in two minutes.” I met a guy from N. Ireland who told me, “when you heard the siren, you ran away from the windows as fast as possible, because they would spray glass to kill people.”  This incident had an RV with a recording.

Without any real evidence (yet) but it’s my educated guess this will prove to be a domestic act by an American, not a foreign one like Al Qaida. Just like Oklahoma City. But who? The FBI is now in charge of finding out.

Ironically, I was just in Nashville in February at a national meeting (before we knew about covid) regarding our security film product that goes on the glass to keep it from blowing out during a hurricane, break-in…or a Level 2 explosion. I stayed in a hotel near this bomb site. Its windows most likely blew out from the blast wave along with the 20 or so damaged buildings. Our security film would have prevented the flying glass and empty frames that dozens of building owners now face.

A tornado raised hell destroying parts of downtown Nashville a week after our February meeting. Until then, and now, I never suspected there was this great need for our protection in this quiet little town.

How strange is that? No place is safe. That seems to be the message.

Stay tuned for updates on this page.

Below: Michael Fjetland, Terrorism Analyst, Sept 11, 2001



Traveling for Break In Protection – & Record Year for Hurricanes

The crew is in Austin this week working on a commercial/industrial building that has had issues with people jumping there fence and bashing in a window to steal stuff. Its a several day job.
A couple weeks ago we were in San Antonio putting our silver film on a religious building (sorry, but need to keep that confidential for their protection). They were worried about terrorism.
That is the great thing about our product – the same film protects from hurricanes as well as shooters.
In 2020 we had a record number of hurricanes – 30. Twelve (12) of them hit the USA and 3 hit Louisiana. Not to load you up with bad news but the weather pros say a “La Nina” is forming which will INCREASE next years Atlantic storm season, so the threat is growing.
Regardless of threat, human or from Mother Nature, Armor Glass security film is working 24/7/365 at the same time cutting solar heat and harmful UV, for a fraction of the cost of the alternative shutters and impact glass.
Protect your weakest link! Check us out at

Another HURRICANE? ZETA What’s next? Plague of Locusts?

2020 has been the year from hell. Record number of hurricanes on top of COVID. So now a hurricane ZETA could whack the Gulf coast for about the 8th time this season!
Prepare for the unexpected. Next up: Plague of locusts?
Well, if so, they will have a hell of time trying to breach an Armor Glass reinforced window!  We are on your side.
2021 can’t get here fast enough!  But don’t expect your fragile windows will protect you then any more than now, not until you “armor the glass” you have.