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How We Install Armor Glass® Security Film

We install to prevent break-ins and break-throughs

Armor Glass® 8 Mil Security Film is all that is needed on plate glass, which is what most residential windows are.

However, all door glass in a house and all commercial glass is tempered glass, which is like your car glass that will break into small pieces when hit. It requires an extra step for security.

On tempered glass, after applying the film, we have to add a structural sealant that looks like caulking, but anchors the film to the window/door frame. We call it “frame bonding” as it goes around the edge of the frame, partly on the film and partly on the frame. The generic term for the structural sealant is “Dow 995” or “GE Sipruf 2000.”

Without frame bonding, the tempered glass would detach from the frame and fall out upon impact, with the film still attached to the glass and an empty frame. So, applying bonding on tempered glass is a must for security. We have applied it to large plate glass windows for extra support.

The photos show what it looks like. We use black bonding on black frames, white on white, so it blends in.