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Government Building Protection

Armor Glass® Security Film Makes Government Buildings and Facility Windows Stronger

After 911, the same film that Armor Glass® sells was installed on 500,000 square feet of federal buildings in Washington DC from the Pentagon to Congress, the White House, Smithsonian, etc. We have installed it on NASA’S Mission Control glass, DEA offices, the administrative buildings for the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, Congressional offices, Courthouses, University dorms and executive offices, Police buildings, etc.

These buildings must remain intact and operational despite hurricanes or other catastrophic events that would breach their glass and destroy their ability to “shelter in place.”

Armor Glass Security film is an affordable solution. It makes windows “impact-resistant” at a fraction of what impact glass costs. Impact glass also requires special framing and it will still break on impact, requiring replacement with a more expensive, custom-made window.

Armor Glass can be applied to existing frames, old or new, and if a window is broken, it can be replaced with a standard window and Armor Glass Security Film and frame bonding can be applied easily to the new window and the building is good to go again. We have put our films on 100-year-old glass as well as double-pane low E that get too hot and don’t screen out UV.

Armor Glass Security Films have prevented break-ins and storm damage since our founding in 2007.

The commercial warranty is 12 years and since 2008 we have had no warranty claims for defective film, the film is that good!


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