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ArmorGlass Video Library

See How EASY It Is To Break Your Glass

03:51 m

See how easy it is for a burglar or windborne debris to break your glass with a brick or a bat. Then see how Armor Glass security film “armors the glass” from a breach.

Protecting Storefronts From Burglars

00:47 m

When it comes to protecting your retail business from burglars, Armor Glass security film has prevented numerous burglaries, like this one. The thieves left empty-handed and frustrated. Call us for a free estimate!

Shooter Demonstration

02:16 m

We have been installing 8 Mil Armor Glass security film on schools for shooter protection. It doesn’t stop the bullet, but it stops the shooter, delaying entry. Notice that even when shot in concentrated area, the shooter exhausts his magazine and the film is still holding the glass together.

Watch Armor Glass Stop A Hammer, Flying 2×4 And A Blast Wave

00:59 m

Test showing how Armor Glass film stops large missiles from breaching glass (as in a hurricane or burglar with a brick), as well as explosion protection.

Saving Energy And Carbon Negative Benefits

01:04 m

On top of providing burglar/hurricane/tornado/shooter protection, Armor Glass is carbon negative and green. It saves more energy than it takes to make and install it.

Channel 11 Houston Features Armor Glass After Hurricane IKE

03.16 m

Channel 11 News in Houston did this story on the window blowouts from Hurricane IKE and mentions Armor Glass security film as a lower-cost option for window protection.

School Shooter Protection

02.40 m

Demo of a school that installed Armor Glass security film for both shooter protection and to block the view inside using the “Silver 20”. The staff inside can see out but shooter can’t see in. Plus it cuts 79% of solar heat and glare.

Demonstration Of The Strength of Armor Glass Film Adhesive

02.54 m

Armor Glass film adhesive bonds our unique film to your glass to “armor it” from breach by burglars and hurricane-force winds. This demo shows that it won’t fall or easily pull off like competitors’ films do!

Why Armor Glass Is The Right Choice In 90 Seconds

01:34 m

The President of Armor Glass describes why Armor Glass is the right choice for your security while saving money on energy costs.