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Hospital Building Protection

Armor Glass® Security Film Keeps Hospital Windows Stronger to Protect Your Patients & Staff

A few years ago, a hailstorm hit near Dallas and a hospital lost an entire side of its glass walls in the storm. Imagine being a patient or a doctor and your outside “wall” suddenly disappears and you are being besieged by flying glass, strong winds, and hail whipping you in your bed!

If Armor Glass® Security Films were on that glass, the rooms would still be sealed even if the hail or flying debris had broken the glass. After impact, the Film would still be holding the glass together as a seal, with our frame bonding anchoring it to the frame. Imagine that happening in the next hurricane or tornado event, or a nearby explosion that blows out the glass wall. Hospitals need to upgrade their glass for the building to be safe to “shelter in place.”

Pharmacies are also a target for thieves wanting drugs. We have “armored the glass” on pharmacies and hospitals to prevent that.

Armor Glass Security Films have prevented break-ins and storm damage since our founding in 2007.

The commercial warranty is 12 years. Since 2008 we have had no warranty claims for defective film, the film is that good!


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