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School & Educational Facility Protection

Armor Glass® Security Film Helps to Protect Schools from Active Shooters and Criminal Activity

School shootings have become an endemic problem and no school, large or small, is immune from the threat. It only takes a second or two to blow out a glass door or wall with a hail of bullets. So, schools have turned to Armor Glass® Security Film to secure their weakest link. In fact, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) has mandated that:

“… all windows and glass doors that are adjacent to or near a door and are large enough to allow someone to enter if broken must be reinforced with entry-resistant film unless within a secured area.”

This mandate applies to all Texas school districts and open-enrollment charter schools and Armor Glass meets the TEA requirements for entry-resistant film.

There are 15,000 school districts in America, each with multiple campuses and all with fragile glass as the only “barrier” between teachers, students, and a shooter.

Armor Glass has been putting our Security Film on schools that have recognized the need to “harden” the building envelop by adding 8 mil (up to 14 mil) Security Film to their glass.

Bulletproof glass (over $100 per square foot) is far too expensive to protect the thousands of square feet of glass in a typical school.

Armor Glass security film provides an affordable barrier to delay a shooter at the entrance (or window) he is trying to breach. It doesn’t stop the bullets, which make a hole the size of the bullet, but it stops and delays the shooter at the entrance where police can see them and engage.

Armor Glass Security Films will require a shooter reload to “try again” which delays entry and buys time for those inside to lock down and for security personnel and police to respond before the shooter can make it into the school where students, teachers and staff are.

Armor Glass Security Films have prevented break-ins and storm damage for thousands of our clients since our founding in 2007.

The commercial warranty is 12 years.


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