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Sun & Heat Protection

Armor Glass® Shields Your Home from The Sun’s Harsh Rays, Keeping It Cooler

Glass windows, single pane, double pane, and even new triple pane ones with low E coatings, get HOT from the sun, especially when facing east, west and south, causing air conditioners and compressors to work overtime trying to cool down a building. As the planet gets warmer, buildings will get hotter, and this problem will get worse. Thin 2 mil solar film will cut the heat but it provides zero breach protection from humans and mother nature. These films simply block the sun but offer no breach protection.

There is a unique solution: 8 mil Armor Glass® Security Film with solar filtering. Now you can get both sun protection and breach security from window-smashing hurricane-force winds and human intrusion combined. Adding our Solar Film will block 50% of that solar heat from entering the building, making it cooler. Because the AC’s job is cut in half, it will run less and save energy costs, possibly enough to pay for itself over time.

It is not only cutting energy use but wear and tear on the AC system and the compressor. And our films are cutting 99% of harmful UV that causes skin cancer and fading of furnishings.

Our security films are “carbon negative” meaning that they save more energy than it takes to make and install them. So, while they are saving energy and keeping you cooler, they are also providing an “armored” window resistant to breaches by burglars and hurricane-force wind events. After installation, the occupants are safer and cooler.

What other technology does that?