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Protection From Storms,
Winds, Burglars, Active Shooters,
and the Sun

Armor Glass ® Security Film Protects Your Home or Business Windows from Breach by Mother Nature’s fury or Human Intrusion.

Armor Glass® Security Films have prevented burglars from breaking into businesses and kept children from being injured after running into a glass wall and breaking it. It has kept burglars from breaking in on women home alone. It has kept looters from entering a store during a riot and damaging the interior.

It has also protected from hurricane-force winds that breach glass by sending flying debris through it. Our clients have gone through Hurricanes Ike, Harvey, Laura, Sandy, and others without having their glass breached because of our Security Film.

Armor Glass Security Film goes on the existing glass in a process similar to the solar film, with non-toxic soap and water. Unlike solar film, which only blocks the sun, Armor Glass films will both block the sun and provide breach protection from window failure due to impacts by humans, high winds, flying golf balls, hail, lawnmower hits, and zombies. This high-tech polycarbonate film was on the part of the Pentagon struck on 911 and a later study showed it saved over 600 lives.

Yet our film costs a fraction of impact glass, shutters, and ballistic glass.