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Armor Glass® Security
Film Makes Any Window
More Secure and Safe

Glass is so fragile a child can break it, causing injury or worse. Burglars love it. One client reported that a month after we put our security film on floor-to-ceiling glass friends came over with a child, who ran into the glass wall and broke the glass!

Armor Glass® Adds a Layer of Safety

A client of Armor Glass installed our film on glass walls in their home. A month later friends came by with a child, who ran right into the glass wall –and broke the glass! Result? No blood, trip to ER, screams, stitches, disfigurement or ruined event. The child bounced off the glass unharmed! The broken glass was on the outside on the other side of the film, only the smooth film could be touched by the curious child. The rain stayed outside. The party went on until it could be replaced during the normal work week when a new glass window could be installed, avoiding a panic buying situation on triple overtime at night. That one incident more than paid for the film cost to those parents and owners.