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Why Architecture Firms Should Spec Armor Glass®

Armor Glass Security Film Makes Windows Stronger, Buildings Safer, and More Energy Efficient

Architectural firms from around the U.S. have been specifying “8 Mil Armor Glass® Security Film” as well as “14 Mil Armor Glass Security Film on schools and other buildings.

Why? Because they realize it’s the highest quality security film on the market and it is recognized as a trusted trademarked brand made in the U.S.A. that has passed certification by independent labs, including the Miami Dade PA 201 to 203 protocols, ASTM 1886/1996 Large Missile Impact (4.5 lb. Level C) and Level 2 explosion tests, among others.

Glass is the weakest link of every building and yet nearly every building is a glass palace that offers a false sense of security. ALL glass is an accident waiting to happen, easily breached by Mother Nature and uninvited humans. We live in a danger zone 24/7/365 and relying on the glass to keep the building envelop intact is not wise. Imagine driving on 2 ply tires that will blow out under a heavy load. Today’s windows are like that 2 ply tire. 8-mil Armor Glass security films upgrade it to the equivalent of an 8 ply tire that won’t blow under a load and high speed. Moral: Harden the building’s envelop by adding Armor Glass Security Films.

Every window on the planet needs to have Armor Glass Security Film added to it to make it safer, breach resistant, and capable of standing up to the increasingly fierce storms, riots, extreme heat, and unceasing threat from human intrusion by bullet or brick.

Architects should protect their clients’ buildings by specifying 8 Mil Armor Glass Security Film as an add-on to every new building and retrofit of existing buildings as a standard part of their practice to “armor the glass” from breaches by Mother Nature and human intrusion while cutting solar heat and UV that glass does not.

Check out our detailed spec page and videos of the film in action against a baseball bat and bullets. Armor Glass Security Films have prevented burglar break-ins and storm damage since our founding in 2007.

The commercial warranty is 12 years. Since 2008 we have had no warranty claims for defective film, the film is that good!


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