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Store and Retail Building Protection

Armor Glass® Security Film Makes Retail and Storefront Windows Stronger Keeping Your Property More Secure

Every storefront business needs Armor Glass® Security Film protection to upgrade their fragile glass that offers zero protection from an after-hours thief who can kick or hit your existing glass with a brick or a crowbar and be inside in less than a second, leaving behind a mess and result in untold damages, stolen computers, TVs, and lost inventory.

Our 8 mil Armor Glass Security Film has prevented break-ins and storm damage to the interior for our storefront clients who have gone through multiple break-in attempts and hurricane-force wind events since 2008.

After impact, the store owners have found the glass cracked but the seal is still in place with no intrusion and no glass to clean up. If it rains the store is still dry. They replace the glass, we put our film and bonding on the new glass, and they are good to go again – protected from the next onslaught of hurricane-force winds or human intrusion attempt.

Our Clear Security Film (8 mil to 14 mil) will also cut 21% of the solar heat and 99% of harmful UV rays from entering the building but it’s invisible on the glass, giving customers a clear view inside.

If a business wants to cut more heat and gain privacy, they can choose our 8-mil solar security film and cut 50% of the solar heat and 99% of harmful UV. People inside can see out, but it blocks the view into the building from the outside. So, it acts just like the solar film does but it also providing security that the thin (2 mil) solar films do not.

Armor Glass Security Films have prevented break-ins and storm damage since our founding in 2007.

The commercial warranty is 12 years.


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