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Active Shooter Protection

Armor Glass® Keeps Windows from Blowing Out from a bullet, Delaying Active Shooters from Entering the Building, Giving Occupants a Chance to Lock Down and Call 911.

Shooters are an increasing threat to our schools and offices. A shooter can blow out a tempered glass door or window in a second or two. But a glass window or door on which Armor Glass® Security Films have been installed will hold the glass in place after it is blasted, keeping the shooter at the exposed entrance and buying valuable time for those inside – and for police to find him and engage.

While no film can stop a bullet (those claiming otherwise are lying to you), Armor Glass 8 mil security films—the same film used on the Pentagon and federal buildings in DC after 911—turns glass into a “blockade” that delays the shooter from entering. The bullets make small holes not large enough for a human to crawl through. The shooter will have to reload and try again and again, giving police time to find him still exposed at the entrance instead of in some hallway or classroom.

Tempered Glass needs Armor Glass Plus Frame Bonding

On tempered glass (which is all commercial glass), Armor Glass Security Films need to be bonded to the frames with a “structural sealant” like GE Silpruf 2000 that “anchors” the film to the frame. This is what holds the glass and film to the frames after a shooter has struck it. Without that bonding, the film and glass would fall out, leaving a bare frame. It is vital that this frame bonding be applied correctly to avoid failure upon impact. Because if it fails, the protection is gone.

Choosing the Armor Glass Security Film that is Right for Your Application

Armor Glass Security Films come in a variety of choices you can pick to suit your needs. Some storefronts prefer the clear film so that customers can see their merchandise. Even the Amor Glass Clear film will cut 21% of solar heat. Others want a tint version to cut the solar heat inside – cutting a minimum of 50% of solar heat if you use Armor Glass tint. It looks like regular tint but also provides security from storms, burglars and shooters.

Some schools prefer the Armor Glass Silver film, which cuts 79% of solar heat and lets those inside see out, but those on the outside can’t see in. Instead, those outside see a mirror image of themselves approaching the building. This prevents a shooter from seeing what is happening inside. Some owners use a combination of these films.

Armor Glass Pay for Themselves Over Time

Whether its avoiding a child being injured by glass, a storm breaching the glass and pouring rain inside and ripping the roof off — or whether its cutting the solar heat or keeping a shooter from entering a glass entrance, Armor Glass Security Films pay for themselves in their lifetime in many different ways. They cost a fraction of the alternatives. Ask for a free quote today.