How to “Get Prepared” for Hurricane season

Its HURRICANE season folks. Get prepared. But what does “get prepared” include?  DON’T do what the guy in the photo is doing!

Obviously, it means having a plan. A “Go” bag for a quick departure if you are in the forecast zone for impact. But what about your biggest investment – your house? Or your office? How do you prepare it from hurricane-force winds?

The weakest link of every building is the glass – when it is breached by hurricane-force winds, the building is pressurized as the winds try to find a way out. That “out” is what uplifts the roof and pushes the walls out. When IKE hit Houston it blew out windows over 100 miles inland.

Plywood is heavy and expensive and a suicide mission to get on a 2nd floor. Shutters are very expensive and don’t protect from heat or burglars when up.

Security Film “armors the glass” from breach while at the same time it is cutting solar heat and UV from entering the building – or a burglar with a brick. It costs a fraction of impact glass or shutters.

Lets the first part of “getting prepared” you should do. Harden your buildings’ envelop by upgrading the glass which is an accident waiting to happen.

This also protects your home or office while you are gone. And saves on energy. Check us out at:


Armor Glass Beats the HEAT while Defending Glass from Storms/Burglars

Armor Glass has made a major upgrade to our installation team, which now has over 20 years experience installing Security Window Film.

This summer we have been putting it on schools across Texas (who shall remain anonymous for security reasons) as well as houses and a famous restaurant chain.

Our Solar security film will also cut 50% of that SUPER Heat over 2/3’s of our nation is suffering under. That means your AC only has to cool HALF the heat that was coming through your windows before Armor Glass Solar Security Film was installed.

It is also screening out 99% of harmful UV that not only fades your furnishings but is the No. 1 cause of skin cancer, so you can enjoy the view from your windows without being fried by the sun.

Ask for a quote – cut the heat while “armoring your glass” from intrusion by hurricane-tornado force winds and humans with a brick. Founded by a 911 Terrorism Analyst in 2007…

Burglar breach front glass retail


HEAT Kills – Hurricane Report

Heat KILLS, and we have been getting some killer heat recently – near 100 degrees. Amarillo had a record 105 last week.

Meanwhile, African dust is spreading across all the way to Texas and Mexico, suppressing storm formation for now but that won’t last.  In the Pacific, we are seeing an active hurricane season.

We have been getting a lot of calls from people who are either focused on hurricane preparation or want burglar protection now with the added bonus of not having to ‘board up’ when the next hurricane-force winds hit.

Don’t call us when a named storm has formed because…everyone else will be calling and its impossible to prepare at the last minute. Our reps need to come inspect the glass, determine which is plate glass (which needs only our security film) and which is tempered glass (which also needs a frame bonding to anchor the glass to the frame).

It’s FREE, so why not ask – before the next storm?  If you select the energy saver security film, it will not only cut 50% of this record heat, but it rejects that heat from getting inside your building, cutting in half the heat your air conditioner has to treat. That saves energy and that saves money, enough to pay for itself over time!