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If a technology could save your life, wouldn’t you want to KNOW about it?

I haven’t said a word during this awful week of news from Paris (and Nigeria) about how we need to build more secure buildings. I have lost track of the number of people who have called because they or a neighbor had been broken into. They wanted a solution to fix their weakest link.

After the West, Texas fertilizer explosion, when I sent an email to Texas legislators to advise that we had a technology that would have kept some people from being injured or killed in explosions, more than one legislators screamed at me. They said it was an inappropriate time.

 I did apologize but also said “but when there isn’t a crisis you don’t pay attention!”

Guess what? I was right. Since that explosion, and IKE before it, no one on the state level has paid attention!

I read about the same thing happening to another company when something terrible happened in their community. The owner told authorities: “We have a technology that would protect from that.” 

They screamed at him also. What is wrong with that? 

Frankly people don’t know something exists if you don’t say anything. If someone has a real solution (not hocus pocus) I would want to know about it, especially if I was a public official or expert in that area.  People need to look for solutions instead of blaming potential problem solvers for speaking up.

France just had its 911. I don’t think there is a technology that could have saved any of those souls–other than prohibiting fighters going to Syria from coming back, or keeping them from going. That requires intelligence and laws. For incidents like the German company hit by firebombs, for storms, vandals, burglars, explosions — we got that.

Lets hope our  legislators show the vision we need. Proverbs: “Where There is no vision, the people perish.”  Pass it on…