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Shooter Protection for Schools (etc)

We have been getting a ton of inquiries from SCHOOLS wanting shooter protection.

Our film is designed to delay a shooter at the entrance to give time for police to come and engage them at the front instead of inside where they have countless places to do damage and hide. It only takes a second to shoot out plain glass, leaving an empty frame to walk through. The bullets will go through (bullets will penetrate metal as well) but the holes are not big enough for a shooter. So they spend time reloading, trying to blast their way in.

I have been telling schools that our film is superior to the competition and here is what they should consider when making a purchase for security:

Our film is superior to a well-known company, 3M. I have seen their 8 Mil 3M film literally split in half being pulled off a school window: 4 mil came off, 4 mil stayed on the glass. And that last half came off easily. Our film is the same that was put on the Pentagon and all federal buildings after 911, not 3M.

In 15 years of business, I’ve never seen our 8 mil film split in half. In fact, the adhesive is so strong that I have done chin-ups trying to pull it off a window (back when I could do chin-ups :0). So I recommend 3M for sticky notes, but not for Security Film. I say that as someone who was a 911 Terrorism Analyst on TV before staring Armor Glass.

Adhesiveness to the glass and the film staying together in one piece are vital when someone is hitting or shooting the glass with the film on it.

Looking only at the cost of the product or getting a lower quality product even if cheaper is not the way to make a decision on this life-saving technology that protects from both Human Intrusion and the forces of Mother Nature’s increasingly high winds.

Think of buying security films like shopping for tires. You can buy a 2-ply tire that looks like a tire and seems fine–until it blows out when you are driving loaded down the highway and wrecks your car, causing you injury or death and vehicle damage.

Adding 8 Mil Security Film to your glass is like making that 2-ply tire an 8-ply that won’t blow out when you hit a hole at high speed with the vehicle loaded.

We are “armoring your glass” from a breach (we have seen even 5-year-old kids run into and break glass — and our film avoided injury, a trip to ER, and a ruined event). Yet even retired teachers have been able to afford it on their homes (it has been stopping burglar break-ins on residences, including a woman who was home alone, and storefronts.) It will hold up better than our competition in a shooter incident when seconds matter.

That also matters when a tornado or hurricane hits, throwing debris through the glass and into people. Window failure leads to structural failure and internal damages. Your people should consider these critical factors in making their decision.

Our film does have a 12-year warranty, making it a long-term solution that also saves money and raises comfort as it cuts down the solar heat and harmful UV (that causes skin cancer) that is zapping students and staff near windows. It comes in Clear Tint and Silver versions.

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