Texas Plant Explosion Blew Out Windows Miles Away –But Not Ours!

A chemical plant just blew up at Port Neches, Texas and we have heard reports that the shock wave blew out windows in homes miles away!
This link article shows one of those failed windows. Luckily the explosion happened late at night when no one was looking out their window when it was hit by the blast wave and turned the glass into a thousand deadly shards. Armor Glass film would capture it.
We have been putting our 8 mil Armor Glass security film on buildings used in these plants as well as schools (for shooter/storm protection), businesses, homes, etc. It is Level 2 explosion rated, large missile impact rated – and Miami Dade rated.
We hope no one was hurt or killed in this explosion. Unfortunately, it again demonstrates how vulnerable we are with fragile glass, the weakest link of every building. Armor it today for your future safety and protection.
Check out our 1 minute video that shows how easy it is to breach plain glass versus that same glass with Armor Glass security film on it!

Testing 8 Mil Armor Glass vs. 4 Mil Junk Our Competitors are Pushing that FAIL large impact test.

Instead of offering certified large missile impact film to customers seeking security for their weakest link from storms or human intrusion, many of our competitors are offering a fraud — a cheap substitute 4 or 6 mil product that FAILS impact tests.

Often they claim that their product is “just as good” as ours. It is happening even today. They know thinner films are cheaper. Its a con and a lie that these thin films will provide security on glass.  Click to see our 1 minute video testing 8 mil versus 4 mil versus bare glass. Click here to see video proof in a little over 1 minute.

In this actual test on a residence, we put 8 mil and some 4 mil film on the windows of a house for one of our sales reps. He was planning to get new windows so we used his old windows for a test of 8 Mil vs. 4 mil (and bare glass) when a large missile hits it. For our “missile” we used a brick which is close to the 4.5 lb. Level C (ASTM 1886/1996 standard). So, on the day he was getting new windows we did this test to break his windows and see what happens.

In about 1 minute in this video you will see that Armor Glass 8 mil security film worked, as it has for many of our clients over the years.

But the brick went through the window with 4 mil film like a hot knife through butter! Was saving some money buying an inferior substitute really worth the pain of a failure during a break-in (or a storm throwing wind-borne debris through your windows).

Don’t fall for the con! Insist on 8 Mil certified Armor Glass security film. More details at our website: