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Houston Just Got a Hurricane Without a Hurricane – Blew Out Same Windows as IKE

Houston just got hit with hurricane-force winds without a Hurricane.

It did the same massive window damage to downtown Houston that Hurricane IKE did in 2008. Attached is a collage of photos I took of downtown Houston buildings in the aftermath of IKE.

Hurricane IKE damage office buildings

Now we are getting that damage without a hurricane. Its due to global warming heating up the planet, which means bigger molecules that result in heavier rain and HIGHER Wind Speeds. The winds hit 70 mph, maybe more last night.

My company has the lowest cost solution available if our certified Security Film is installed. I told property managers this after IKE. Some listened.

Most didn’t. This happens and will happen again until they put our Security Film on their glass to “armor it” from future events.

So if you try to reach me I am probably the guy you see with his hair on fire running down the road and probably unable to respond. lol. We are making people safer at the lowest cost possible and that’s worth doing. Even if exhausting. lol.

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