I took this photo of this ancient glass on a building in Norway – in 2011. Apparently for centuries people wanted a ‘window with a view’ no matter how crude it was. Glass is a 5,000 year old technology…. We risk our lives and six figure dwellings on it every day.  I had no idea…

Last night half of Texas was hit with hurricane-force winds and hail was reported as large as tennis balls. We even had a brief tornado.  All good reasons to get Armor Glass protection on your weakest link! Learn more about it in our EBook “Houses of Straw”…at www.ArmorGlass.com

Did we leave out the TORNADO threat? Oops.  We’ve got one raging near TULSA OK tonight. Spring has sprung. Well, you need Armor Glass protection for that too! https://www.facebook.com/NBCNews/photos/a.162132393806799.30950.155869377766434/1044000625619967/?type=1&theater

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