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Texas SCHOOLS Getting Shoddy Security Work that Is An Accident Waiting to Happen

My company provides security for glass on homes, storefronts – and SCHOOLS. This is what I am seeing and hearing about as Texas now wants EVERY school to have film like ours installed before the end of 2025.

An installer told me about some of the horrible Security Film work being done on SCHOOLS. Film cut so short that it cannot be bonded to the frame, so it will fall out upon impact. Film missing on windows that should be covered. Film that was NOT Security Film – 4 mil or less — when 8 Mil Is the minimum thickness rated for impact.

Some contractors are pushing a “double-sided” deal with film on both inside and outside – yet the outside film is not bonded. That is “double charging” the client and is useless – without bonding it won’t hold and weatherization will destroy it and the school with end up paying for it to be removed in a few years when the contractor is long gone.

There are entire schools where they just laid film but did no bonding, so it is useless and will fall out upon impact. Film laid by people with zero certifications. All of these are “accidents waiting to happen” when an incident occurs.

He confirmed what I have been hearing from other installers. Be careful WHO your school contracts with.

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