Testing 8 Mil Armor Glass vs. 4 Mil Junk Our Competitors are Pushing that FAIL large impact test.

Instead of offering certified large missile impact film to customers seeking security for their weakest link from storms or human intrusion, many of our competitors are offering a fraud — a cheap substitute 4 or 6 mil product that FAILS impact tests.

Often they claim that their product is “just as good” as ours. It is happening even today. They know thinner films are cheaper. Its a con and a lie that these thin films will provide security on glass.  Click to see our 1 minute video testing 8 mil versus 4 mil versus bare glass. Click here to see video proof in a little over 1 minute.

In this actual test on a residence, we put 8 mil and some 4 mil film on the windows of a house for one of our sales reps. He was planning to get new windows so we used his old windows for a test of 8 Mil vs. 4 mil (and bare glass) when a large missile hits it. For our “missile” we used a brick which is close to the 4.5 lb. Level C (ASTM 1886/1996 standard). So, on the day he was getting new windows we did this test to break his windows and see what happens.

In about 1 minute in this video you will see that Armor Glass 8 mil security film worked, as it has for many of our clients over the years.

But the brick went through the window with 4 mil film like a hot knife through butter! Was saving some money buying an inferior substitute really worth the pain of a failure during a break-in (or a storm throwing wind-borne debris through your windows).

Don’t fall for the con! Insist on 8 Mil certified Armor Glass security film. More details at our website:



Hurricanes are Wiping Out Crops on Other Side of Planet – We next?

Meanwhile, on the OTHER SIDE of the planet, Hurricane FANI wiped out 1/3 of India’s crops.  On earth each hemisphere alternatives seasons. What they are experiencing now could be our future, and vice versa.
Will this soon be our fate as our hurricane season begins in 2 weeks?  The ocean temperatures are soaring. The hotter air is making these storms Super-charged.
Houston has had 3 five hundred year events in 3 consecutive years. Harvey was a 1,000 year event. Yet two days ago a 1 day rain flooded the city from Sugar land to Kingwood with massive rains. 
Take NOTHING for granted in this new era. The TWO threats are (1) Flood and (2) Wind damage from hurricane-force winds destroying windows that leads to roof loss, internal damages, structural failure.
Being Prepared Means this:
Armor Your Weakest Link.
Stay elevated.
Hunker down.

Earthquake in Ecuador; HAIL in Texas 50,000 cars destroyed, 5,000 Windows

Hail 2016

Major EARTHQUAKE in Ecuador, over 200 killed. Last week I had a conversation with a resident of San Francisco, which also sits on a major fault line — as does all of California. Sooner or later, they too will have another one of these horrible destroyers that come without warning (at least I know a hurricane is coming!).

The weather is beyond bizarre. Last week HAIL was so huge in Texas that it destroyed over 50,000 cars in the Dallas area. Entire walls of glass windows were obliterated. Over 7,000 roofs suffered hail damage and over 7,000 windows blown out!

While Armor Glass won’t stop a quake, tornado or hurricane, it will hold the glass together, even in the face of baseball size hail. Armor Glass would have avoided the blow out and all the internal damage that will take MONTHS to fix.  Entire offices, files, etc. destroyed by the resulting water damage. Imagine the cost savings of avoiding months of rehab!?

There are documented deaths from broken glass – our high tech polycarbonate film is the same that was installed on DC federal buildings after 911. It contains glass as one piece instead of a thousand shards flying through the air threatening eyes, feet, etc.

I once had to break glass to jump from a 2nd story of a house on fire. I am lucky it didn’t cut an artery or I wouldn’t be here telling you this technology can save your life and protect your property. Read “Houses of Straw” at our website.

Armor Glass Atlantic ocean hurricane security Soudelor Texas typhoon windows


Taiwan just got hit by a Monster Typhoon (hurricane) that was one of the planet’s largest – 180 mph winds at one point! 

We have to ask the question: when the Atlantic Ocean gets as HOT as the Pacific Ocean is now, are we going to be getting these off the scale CAT 5’s instead of the smaller ones like Hurricane IKE in 2008…?  I think it would be wise to prepare for that event.  If the Pacific is already that hot, eventually it will spread to the Atlantic.

i quote from the above linked article:

At its peak Monday afternoon (mainland U.S. time), Soudelor was estimated by the U.S. military’s Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) to pack maximum one-minute sustained winds of 180 mph and gusts to 220 mph.

                                   Eye of the Devil:   LOOK at that beast at 180 miles per hour!

The Japan Meteorological Agency estimated Soudelor’s central pressure at 8 a.m. EDT Tuesday was 900 millibars, making Soudelor the strongest tropical cyclone on Earth so far in 2015. That central pressure has come up quite a bit, reflecting Soudelor’s weakening, to an estimated 945 millibars.

According to the Digital Typhoon databaseSuper Typhoon Maysak was the year’s previous strongest typhoon, bottoming out at an estimated 910 millibars. South Pacific Cyclone Pam in March reached peak estimated sustained winds of about 165 mph (145 knots) in the South Pacific basin. “


YIKES! At that speed, windborne debris will definitely blow out glass causing structural failure.  Armor Glass has been tracking these and the strange thing is that the Pacific is getting repeated CAT 5 storms – time after time.  Whatever is going on to heat the air, the hotter air is creating bigger and meaner storms.

This would be a GOOD time to read “Houses of Straw“….how these winds destroy. And how to prepare.

impact windows laminated glass security film

The Lady Who Regrets Buying the More Expensive Impact Windows Instead of Armor Glass

Yesterday I received a call from a lady in the Houston area named Betty, who was quite distraught. In 2008 she had purchased laminate windows from a company that has since gone out of business, which eliminates a warranty claim.  

The 18 windows cost her over $23,000 – and now 7 of them have seal failure. The cost of replacing them without a warranty is prohibitive for the 74 year old woman.

Laminated windows (impact windows) typically cost 3 to 5 times MORE per square footage than applying Armor Glass security film to existing windows.  If a window is broken in an incident (we have had everything from flying golf balls to attempted burglar break-ins) the replacement cost is also a fraction of what it costs to replace a broken laminated window.  

Yet our security film provides the same basic protection as a laminated impact window. 

I advised the lady that she might be better off replacing the failed laminated windows with regular double pane windows, and then have our Armor Glass film applied to them – if she isn’t in a hurricane zone requiring impact windows. It would cut her costs substantially. Otherwise she is facing spending another $10,000 on replacement laminated windows.

Hurricane season is approaching. Burglars are still breaking in 24/7. Armor Your Glass today, in the most affordable way possible.



How Armor Glass Kept a Child from Being Hurt After Running into a Window

A child runs into a glass window – and breaks it. This just happened to a client of ours who installed Armor Glass security film last year. What happened?

Above: Result of breaking glass WITHOUT Armor Glass
Result of breaking glass WITH Armor Glass Security Film

The child hit our security film and was OK. Without Armor Glass, the client said the incident would have resulted in serious injuries.

There’s more! When the glass guy came out to remove the window to install a new one, our client videotaped the process. He struggled and struggled to get it out of the frame! He tried hitting it with a hammer. No luck. We have asked for a copy of the video and hope to be able to show it soon.

Armor Glass makes all the difference. Don’t be home without it. Ask for a Free Quote.
Details at:


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