1st Hurricane Fires Up 2 Weeks BEFORE Hurricane Season Start

Hurricane season doesn’t officially start until June 1 BUT there is already one forming in the Pacific off the coast of Mexico! It is early even though the Pacific official start is May 15.

Last year we had a record 30 hurricanes and this year is predicted to be “above-average” which is a bad sign of more storms to come.   Although the Atlantic hurricane season is not until June 1, usually nothing happened until August or September in those seasons — not May!  The hotter air and warmer ocean are jet fuel for hurricanes. They will batter your weakest link with debris until they fail.

So don’t delay – get prepared! The weakest link is your glass windows and doors. Once they fail you have massive internal damage from water intrusion, flying glass and even structural failure as the winds pressurize your house, pushing the roof up and walls out.

“Armor Your Glass” to avoid damage from Mother Nature as well as human intrusion from guys throwing bricks.

impact windows laminated glass security film

The Lady Who Regrets Buying the More Expensive Impact Windows Instead of Armor Glass

Yesterday I received a call from a lady in the Houston area named Betty, who was quite distraught. In 2008 she had purchased laminate windows from a company that has since gone out of business, which eliminates a warranty claim.  

The 18 windows cost her over $23,000 – and now 7 of them have seal failure. The cost of replacing them without a warranty is prohibitive for the 74 year old woman.

Laminated windows (impact windows) typically cost 3 to 5 times MORE per square footage than applying Armor Glass security film to existing windows.  If a window is broken in an incident (we have had everything from flying golf balls to attempted burglar break-ins) the replacement cost is also a fraction of what it costs to replace a broken laminated window.  

Yet our security film provides the same basic protection as a laminated impact window. 

I advised the lady that she might be better off replacing the failed laminated windows with regular double pane windows, and then have our Armor Glass film applied to them – if she isn’t in a hurricane zone requiring impact windows. It would cut her costs substantially. Otherwise she is facing spending another $10,000 on replacement laminated windows.

Hurricane season is approaching. Burglars are still breaking in 24/7. Armor Your Glass today, in the most affordable way possible.