Why Every Piece of Glass Needs our Security Film

Man flying out a broken window
Don’t Leave Home Without It

As you can see from our friend in the photo, glass is fragile and dangerous, the weakest link of every building. It can leave you “hanging” with no support when you need it the most!

Every pane of glass on the planet needs Armor Glass Security Film on it to “armor” it from breaches by guys throwing a brick or by hurricane-force winds that destroy homes when flying debris breaches a glass door or window.

This was confirmed by a 2004 study of 4 hurricanes that hit Florida. The question was: WHY is that house still OK while the ones around it look like they were hit by a bomb?

The Answer: Window protection. If you had it, the building survived. If not, it didn’t. Then the question became: What KIND of window protection? Expensive shutters that rust and aren’t protecting anything while up? Or expensive laminated glass that requires special frames and still breaks, so it has to be replaced with a more expensive window? Heavy plywood that is a suicide mission to put on a second story and fills your garage or storage?

Or Security Film, which works 24/7/365 while it is also cutting solar heat and harmful UV, and costs a fraction of impact glass and shutters? And the answer is: It doesn’t matter! ANY protection is better than no protection. (Details in our book “Houses of Straw” on the website.)

Our Armor Glass Security Film has prevented numerous break-ins of both residential and commercial buildings. It provides protection from rioters throwing bricks, burglars who break in within a second or two and be gone within two minutes, hurricanes, tornadoes and heat. It cuts your energy bill because it rejects from 20% to 79% of the solar heat entering a building. It is carbon negative, saving more energy than it takes to make and install it.

Every piece of glass is an accident waiting to happen. “Armor your glass” with our security film to protect your major investment and “harden the building envelope.” The residential warranty is lifetime and the commercial warranty is 12-years. For more info check us out at and then ask for a Free Quote today!


1st Hurricane Fires Up 2 Weeks BEFORE Hurricane Season Start

Hurricane season doesn’t officially start until June 1 BUT there is already one forming in the Pacific off the coast of Mexico! It is early even though the Pacific official start is May 15.

Last year we had a record 30 hurricanes and this year is predicted to be “above-average” which is a bad sign of more storms to come.   Although the Atlantic hurricane season is not until June 1, usually nothing happened until August or September in those seasons — not May!  The hotter air and warmer ocean are jet fuel for hurricanes. They will batter your weakest link with debris until they fail.

So don’t delay – get prepared! The weakest link is your glass windows and doors. Once they fail you have massive internal damage from water intrusion, flying glass and even structural failure as the winds pressurize your house, pushing the roof up and walls out.

“Armor Your Glass” to avoid damage from Mother Nature as well as human intrusion from guys throwing bricks.


How to Protect Yourself when living in “Houses of Straw”

Houston is on Weather Channel – we had 3 to 12 inches, some of it falling at 6.5 inches PER HOUR! Even places in North Texas are under water. In 18 hours, Sugar Land (burb of Houston in the south) had over 12 inches of rain and same thing was happening in Kingwood to the north.
Residents say it felt worse than Hurricane Harvey when it seemed like we were living under a waterfall for a week! he forecast is for more of these micro-Harveys-like storms pounding us next few days.
THIS is Climate change folks. Denying it won’t make it go away — or cause less damage. Extreme weather events are now “normal.” Harvey was just 2 years ago–our 3rd 500 year storm in the past 3 years. So in reality 500 year storms are now an annual event!
Harvey was ranked as a thousand year event. But the next one is not 1,000 years away: its already happening again this year! It will happen again next year. The best strategy you can follow is to prepare. How? Read on.
We have to address it inside of sticking our heads in the sand thinking that not seeing the wolf approaching will avoid becoming its meal. The military said climate change is a national security threat.  It is costing us BILLIONS each year in losses like this: flooded cars and houses.
So we need to do 2 things for future storms: (1) Flood engineering – which means adding systems for storm water removal, and adopting new technology like permeable concrete to let water soak in  and building higher off the ground as well as (2) upgrading the weakest link of every building (its glass) to prepare for future storms (when glass fails winds enter and uplift your roof.)
We are living in “Houses of Straw.”  Armor Glass can’t protect you from high water but we can “armor your glass” from the hurricane-force winds that are also the biggest threat to the security of your house or business from these increasingly bigger storms generated by hotter air.