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How to Protect from Hurricanes & Solar HEAT in one easy step

First we had a Record Subzero FREEZE. Now we are getting record HEAT. Within 4 months of each event! This Climate insanity is getting worse.

We had a record 2020 for hurricanes. Two CAT 5’s barely missed Houston and New Orleans. Instead, they laid waste to Lake Charles and the swamped the swamps between our cities. We may not be so lucky this year. Storms are already brewing.

Americans don’t tend to notice what’s happening overseas but the Asian version of hurricanes (Cyclones and Typhoons) have also been hitting record wind speeds and causing substantial damage. The same thing is happening south of the equator in places like Australia. The hotter air means BIGGER storms and more destruction unless people upgrade their weakest link.

Guess what is the first item in a building to blow out in a storm if its not reinforced? Yep. The glass. That breach means major internal damage and uplift on the roof.

What also knocks out 50% of solar heat from getting into your building? Yep….our Armor Glass Security Film…Not to mention providing burglar/shooter protection.

Armor Glass security film is your friend against both Mother Nature’s Fury and Human Intrusion. Check it out today. And the photo? Just wanted to get your attention for an important message :0).

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