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Nashville Bombing – How Armor Glass protects from Level 2 explosion

This is a video of the Nashville bomb blast – blowing out the glass windows with the blast pressure wave, turning a peaceful scene into hell instantly.

There is a way to protect yourself from this.

Armor Glass security film is applied to the glass and bonded to the frames with a special sealant. It is rated for a Level 2 explosion. It is “armoring the glass” you have. In a bomb blast, hurricane-force winds, or tornado impact, the film contains the broken glass. The structural sealant bonding anchors it to the window frame.

In other words, if people were inside this building when the blast hit and Armor Glass film was on the windows and doors, they could have survived —  instead of being shredded with glass as this video demonstrates.

That is why this same security film was put on the Pentagon and all federal buildings after 911, starting in 2002. They wanted the blast protection and the same film is still working today. We use it for hurricane and burglar protection as well and for school shooters.

While this blast remains a mystery at the time of this writing, the video does show vividly why our special security film is needed on every pane of glass in the country to save lives and property. It is affordable, unlike armored glass that no one can afford. Once the walls are breached by the blast wave, no one inside has a chance; the instant pressurization will raise the roof and blow out walls, just like what happens when a hurricane or tornado breaches your glass.

With Armor Glass security film on your weakest link, you are a lot safer 24/7/365 than without it.

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Increased Shootings and Bomb Threats Make Armor Glass a MUST

This has been a horrible week of bombs being sent in the mail and an increased number of shootings.  It is a sad reminder that Armor Glass security film a MUST-have protection of every buildings’ weakest link – its glass.

Don’t let happen to you. get Armor Glass security film today.

Glass provides ZERO security. Armor Glass films are Level 2 explosion rated as well as Large Missile Impact-rated (Level C).

A shooter can blow out a glass door or wall in 2 seconds – Armor Glass would provide an affordable, reinforced barrier to keep the shooter contained to allow those inside to react, call police and lock down. It would keep the shooter at the entrance, shooting holes in the film — buying valuable time so that the police can engage them at the glass wall instead of somewhere inside a building where a shooter can roam at will and shoot — and hide anywhere.

For more information, visit our website and check out the videos showing it in action. And read the free ebook “Houses of Straw” that describes in detail how the technology protects building windows from blow-outs in hurricanes and human intrusion.

Armor Glass films save energy and has saved people from injury and death from broken and flying glass. It helps prevent property damage from a breach of every buildings’ weakest link — its glass — that puts people in extreme jeopardy from TV stations, to schools, to offices and homes. Don’t leave home without it.