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Vaccinated Crew Available after a Record Year

Armor Glass has been on a roll. Despite Covid, we had a record year in 2020.

In 2021, we have seen even more demand. We just finished 5 schools in the Conroe ISD as well as another major hospital that needs it in more and more locations.

For a while, the supply chain issue led to a shortage of our 8 mil Tinted Security Film, but that has been solved and we have a large inventory in our warehouse.

We have also added a vaccinated crew to our staff. Our sales reps and administrative people have all been vaccinated.

We do have an un-vaccinated installer hold out. He is kept isolated from the others. If he gets covid, we now have teams to replace him. I’ve done all I can to convince him to take the vaccine (I had the Moderna). Apparently, my telling him that I took the shot and didn’t grow two heads and magnets still don’t stick to me wasn’t convincing enough. (some people have been falsely told that you become magnetized by taking the shot, meaning you would never be able to get unstuck from the refrigerator or your car if that were true! lol). I don’t even have a magnetic personality as a result of the shot.

I won’t risk my company because someone doesn’t want to take a vaccine that hundreds of millions have taken without a problem. That’s not responsible. I had to get a vaccinated crew to insure I had people who could do the work if others got sick.

My generation took the polio vaccine and the one for smallpox. When I got a job requiring international travel, I got further vaccines to protect me from diseases in less developed countries. None of the vaccines hurt me. In fact, they saved millions of lives. It’s what makes our science and medical expertise No. 1 in the world, where people are dying because they don’t have the same access we take for granted.

Now they are giving me 95% protection from covid versus zero for the un-vaccinated. It is the un-vaccinated who are 99% of those in the hospital with covid. Even in cases where someone with the vaccine gets covid, it’s much less severe.

We avoid this if everyone does the responsible thing and follows the experts and not the fake news on social media, some of which is even placed by hostile foreign powers (looking at you Russia and China).

We have increasingly had demand from customers for a “vaccinated only” crew, which we can now provide.

One of our new installers has over 25 years of experience, including installing the same film Armor Glass sells on all the federal buildings in DC after 911 — from the Pentagon to Congress, the White House, the FBI building, etc.

The 911 plane that hit the Pentagon hit an area in which the film we sell had been applied a year or two before. The study said that the security film on the glass had saved 600 lives that day! That’s why 500,000 square feet of it was applied from one end of DC to the other the year following 911. For them, it was protection from explosions. Now it’s protection from rioters.

We have been busy installing Armor Glass film on schools, churches, synagogues, county and city buildings, homes, businesses both large and small since 2008. It includes numerous storefronts that face constant breaches of their glass walls by Mother Nature and uninvited Human Intrusion.

All buildings built within 200 miles of the coast or tornado zone need Armor Glass film to avoid window breaches from flying debris in hurricane-force winds.  We do this at a cost that is a fraction of expensive shutters and impact glass. Armor Glass spares a building owner from the Olympic trial of having to lift heavy plywood two stories up to protect windows in a high wind. His neighbors might find him blown into the next county in the process.

Armor Glass films also do something that the alternatives don’t do – they cut dangerous solar heat and UV, saving on energy costs. It’s a carbon-negative product – saving more energy than it takes to make it.

Stay tuned. We are scaling up to meet the demand. Every pane of glass on the planet is an accident waiting to happen and needs Armor Glass Security Film armoring it to protect the structure and those inside in the constant chaos of today’s world.