I Wondered Why People Weren’t Calling Like Last Year Then I Realized – No Riots! BUT….

You know what’s odd? This year things have finally gone quiet (our first break in over 2 years). Finally, I asked myself WHY? When stuff like this photo keep happening every day? We provide security to “armor” glass from breach by humans and mother nature. We’ve been covered up with work for years.

Then it dawned on me. Unlike last year we are not having RIOTS! That unrest motivated a lot of business last year. We had an election and everyone was on edge. Two major hurricanes skimmed past us in Texas to wallop Louisiana.

This year: No riots. We had Hurricane Nicholas and people shrugged it off. Things change. But the situation hasn’t changed.

People with glass still need us more than they know. Burglars haven’t retired. Storms will come again with more dangerous winds. We are in a temporary calm.

So, like any business, we adjust, just like everyone has had to adjust during the pandemic. We have become more pro-active. Hardly anyone knows what “security film” is — even though they need it if they have glass windows and doors, which provide a false sense of security.

Don’t believe me? Go home tonight and hit one of your home windows with a brick and see how fast it disappears. What happened to your security? What happens if its a human or a windstorm blowing in through that breach?

Do it again at your office. That’s all it takes to be insecure and vulnerable in a world that is still a dangerous place, even when the sun is out and weather is calm.

There is a short video on our website where I do that for you – hitting a glass slider with a baseball bat. And again, with our film on it. See the difference.

Armor Glass is providing that security to the weakest link of every building on the planet, the glass. Let us protect you and your property before the next incident happens. Free quotes.


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“Too Many Break ins in my Neighborhood – I want protection”

Just got a call from another homeowner who said their neighborhood is having a lot of break-ins and wanted a quote.
Don’t let happen to you. get Armor Glass security film today.
Ironically, she found out about us by seeing one of our vans in the Houston Medical Center. We’ve been doing some work for one of the hospitals there recently (VIP area, etc.).
Every piece of glass on the planet is an accident waiting to happen and needs our impact-rated Armor Glass® film covering it to keep it from causing injury, damage or death.
In our history, Armor Glass® security film has kept the following horrible acts from happening:
1) Prevented a child from being bloodied and scared after running into and breaking a large window. No blood, screams, stitches, trip to ER. No ruined event.
2) Prevented a woman from being confronted by a burglar who threw a stone into her bedroom glass wall when no one answered his knock on the front door. Stones go through regular glass. It bounced off Armor Glass®.
3) Prevented houses from being damaged by hurricanes and eliminated the need to “board up” windows. No need to store bug-infested plywood for years or ask for Superman to lift heavy sheets of wood two stories up.
3) Prevented an out-of-control motorcyclist from flying through the glass of a restaurant he hit. His body would have flown through the glass and injured or killed diners inside, resulting in millions in legal and medical costs and horrible headlines for the owner.
4) Prevented numerous break-in’s in offices, stores and houses of our clients.
5) Prevented errant golf balls from blasting through windows, spraying thousands of glass particles over entire rooms, slicing anyone stepping on the smallest piece. Armor Glass® film captured it all–no clean up required.
Armor Glass is now guarding school entrances, homes of retired teachers and glass at NASA’s Mission Control.
In addition to the above it also cuts solar heat 50% or more and 99% of harmful UV. Even our clear film 8 mil cuts 21% of solar heat and 99% UV. It’s the most affordable security technology available. And its an energy saver.
Check us out and ask for a quote to prevent a bad day due to fragile, dangerous glass. Armor it today.

Why Burglars Hate Us – LOL

Just got this email from an architect:

“I installed Armor Glass film on my old home. I just purchased a new home and would like have you guys look at and quote a price to install the same armor glass security film. You guys have an amazing product.”

And check this out. Our security film was on the glass front door of this condo when a guy tried to break in…he didn’t get in. The neighbor called 911 and watched him try to get in for 10 minutes – until the police showed up and arrested him prior to entry.

Burglars HATE us. lol.