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Former 911 TV Terrorism Analyst and founder of Armor Glass, Michael Fjetland has traveled the world as a technology negotiator and entrepreneur. Armor Glass was founded to provide security for the weakest link, the glass, which causes injury or structural failure when breached.

This short video shows the installation steps of Armor Glass, from cleaning the window to applying the film. On tempered glass, a second step is required to “bond” the film to the frame to hold it in place when struck… <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/h6XZvMVhudo” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe> It’s not “Hollywood” but it is accurate.

How Armor Glass works to “armor” your weakest link from burglars, violent storms & harmful UV. The least costly option for security!

Do you need a laugh?  Check out this 1 minute video of a couple of would-be burglars trying to break into a glass storefront – one that has been “armored” with Armor Glass security film.

Do you need a LAUGH? Check out this short video of two burglars who got schooled by Armor Glass when they tried to break in to a storefront at night..    

Major changes improving our service level occurred in 2016. We did a project for NASA, a first. We put Armor Glass on more stores for a well known burger chain all the way to Ocean Springs Mississippi (pretty little place). Yet we also installed Armor Glass security film for hundreds of homeowners. I just spent…

Hurricane Seymour is now a CAT 4 in the Pacific. The good news is that it will turn towards California and the jet stream will carry RAIN into a DROUGHT area…Their FIRE SEASON is now almost year round… Spent past two days meeting school administrators about securing their weakest link. Security doors are useless if…


Sure enough, someone living on West Palm Beach Florida contacted us today and wanted installation NOW. Can’t blame them, the satellite photo of Matthew looks like a skull out of a horror movie. In a way, it is!  It will hit as a monster CAT 4 at 140 miles per hour winds! That is just…


The European model was right (AGAIN,  we REALLY need to upgrade our weather computers!)  Matthew is not going out to sea but heading to the East Coast of the USA. It’s blowing the hell out of Cuba right now – 145 mph winds! It’s a CAT 4, near the maximum CAT 5. Finally, the Atlantic…

DALLAS. Nice place! Zero parking garage cost (unlike Houston Dallas and San Antonio that pop u $15 a day to park) .Big crowd. One woman told me she was standing next to a window when hail knocked it out. It could have gotten into her eyes. Woke this morning to lightning that knocked out the…

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