HEADS UP! Gulf is HOT HOT HOT. Is your Glass ready for Howling Winds?

HEADS UP! We have a Tropical disturbance entering the Gulf of Mexico. This time it looks like Texas is in the target zone. This one may be more rain than fury but its a warning shot over our bow.

It is just a warm-up act and will not be the last storm of the season, folks. The Gulf waters are HOT HOT HOT – averaging over 86 degrees, a record amount of heat this early in the season. Usually, its late August before we get to this point – and that’s when the storms start taking off. Any water over 80 degrees is jet fuel for hurricanes.

All this boils down to you sitting in a house with fragile windows with winds hurling objects at them. Window failure is what leads to internal damages, mold, roof uplift, and structural failure. Get prepared because you are sitting in a house made of “straw” with a weak link that is so fragile a child can break it.

Buckle your seat-belts folks, the lady said: “It’s going to be a bumpy ride” for the next few months. We’ve got both pandemic and Mother Nature going wild.

Armor your “castle” since its where you want to be right now. Don’t be there without Armor Glass security films “armoring the glass” when the winds start howling. Don’t be sitting there wishing you had called us in the calm before the storm. It’s too late for us to help you.

We had people call just as Hurricane Harvey was coming ashore, wanting us to send a crew into a storm that would have washed them off the road if they had been dispatched. They stayed home.

The same people called again — months later after the damage had been repaired and skies were clear. We put Armor Glass on their windows and now they are ready for the next storm (and burglar).

Are you?


COVID19 and Hurricane Season Above Average – We are Essential. Safety Comes First

ARMOR GLASS STATEMENT ON COVID19 –We are  Open and Essential.

Yet Safety of Crew and Customers is No. 1 Priority

Burglar breach front glass retail

As a security company, we remain open and essential. However, we are taking precautions to ensure the safety of our crew and clients. Our crews are self isolating until they can be assigned a safe job with clients who have been self-isolating for a minimum of 30 days.

Mother Nature is not going to give us a break despite COVID. Hurricane season will not be going away just because it would be really inconvenient to pile another disaster on top of another.

The BAD News is that Hurricane activity is predicted to be “ABOVE-Average” this year! I would be happy with “normal” but prepare for the worst and hope for the best (not the other way around).

Imagine how hard it would be to isolate if a hurricane blows out your windows and lifts your roof? With no power. We have already seen tornadoes rip apart buildings where people were self-isolating.

Don’t count on burglars to be isolating. They won’t be focused on homes because they know everyone is home! They focus on empty places with easy access to smash and grab glass windows and doors. In and out in less than 2 minutes! (Armor Glass messes that up bigtime).

We are getting calls from major chains that have been targeted by specialized crooks. Armor Glass security film is one part of that defense system (which should also include motion detection, etc.). So, security remains an issue due to continuing threats to our buildings that are all sitting ducks with fragile glass.

So with COVID, we are screening before committing to sending a crew. Our minimum safe zone is those people who have been in isolation 30 days or more. The other option is if we are installing in an empty building (like a church or school.)

Tornadoes just tore apart more buildings in large chunks of eastern America. NOW is prime time for these killers. They kill buildings the same way hurricanes do –by throwing wind-borne debris through your glass–destroying its “shield” which opens a hole for high-speed winds to roar inside, carrying glass and rain with it. That wind is pressurizing your building –like blowing up a balloon until it pops. That’s when up goes the roof and walls are pushed out. All in the blink of an eye.

“Armor the glass!” Protect the house and office from breach of its weakest link which even children can break. There is no better or more affordable solution. Armor Glass film also saves money by cutting solar heat and UV.

In the meantime, keep isolating so we can “flatten the curve on COVID” and the sooner we can get back to normal again



We are entering Peak Hurricane Season – and its brewing

September is peak Hurricane month. It is too late to call when a named storm is bearing down on us so get prepared in advance.
Hurricanes kill buildings by blowing out the weakest link, the glass. That is when the winds lift up the roof. With Armor Glass security film, you are prepared 24/7/365.
We now have tropical storm Dorian.

Armor Glass Protection From SHOOTERS…

The Armor Glass crew and I just returned from putting our security film on a school in the Texas Panhandle. We aren’t advertising which one out of safety concerns because we don’t put any marker on the glass to indicate its there. (The 8 Mil Clear version is invisible on the glass, and the frame bonding looks much like a regular black gasket, but is anchoring the film to the frame).
Our security film is being installed on schools and glass everywhere to stop shooters and burglars (it doesn’t stop the bullet, but stops the shooter).
Armor Glass security film and the anchor bonding holds glass in place after being shot, when normally the glass blows out and the shooter walks through an empty glass frame in one or two seconds.
Armor Glass buys TIME. It delays the shooter at the entrance for precious time, giving people inside time to flee, grab a gun or lock down — and police time to confront the shooter who is still at the entrance trying to breach the barrier instead of inside killing people and hiding in some corner or hallway.
Of course, it doesn’t help if the shooter is already inside, as happened at the Walmart in El Paso. That is why the film should be used with automatic door locks to create a “man trap” in which the shooter cannot go inside the glass without first spending time making a hole big enough for him to crawl through.
Seconds count in these situations. The shooter in Dayton Ohio was killed by police in 40 seconds! Imagine if Armor Glass film provided even 40 seconds of protection to those inside a glass entrance?
If you want to “armor your glass” from shooters or hurricane-force winds, contact us today.

Armor Glass Beats the HEAT while Defending Glass from Storms/Burglars

Armor Glass has made a major upgrade to our installation team, which now has over 20 years experience installing Security Window Film.

This summer we have been putting it on schools across Texas (who shall remain anonymous for security reasons) as well as houses and a famous restaurant chain.

Our Solar security film will also cut 50% of that SUPER Heat over 2/3’s of our nation is suffering under. That means your AC only has to cool HALF the heat that was coming through your windows before Armor Glass Solar Security Film was installed.

It is also screening out 99% of harmful UV that not only fades your furnishings but is the No. 1 cause of skin cancer, so you can enjoy the view from your windows without being fried by the sun.

Ask for a quote – cut the heat while “armoring your glass” from intrusion by hurricane-tornado force winds and humans with a brick. Founded by a 911 Terrorism Analyst in 2007…

Burglar breach front glass retail


Armor Glass Installed on America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve – Sheltering in Place Today!

This month we put Armor Glass security film on a couple key buildings in the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in Louisiana – 50 year old buildings 16 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. This is America’s emergency supply of oil. They are sitting ducks built back in the 1970’s.

Today I learned that they are “Sheltering in Place” due to the weather. So Armor Glass is protecting staff and buildings at one of America’s most valuable assets.

WOW. Didn’t see that coming!

We “armored their glass” — most of it ancient wire glass –and reinforced it by applying our 8 mil special polycarbonate certified security film on top of their window glass to strengthen it from breach from wind-borne debris, hurricane-force winds or an explosion.

I found out on the job that we had replaced 3M for the project — they trusted our technology more! This happens a lot. Not just in Texas but across America architects have been choosing Armor Glass film as the gold standard.

If you look at the specs for Pearland School district you can confirm they wanted 8 Mil Armor Glass film to protect their students, staff and buildings. But they aren’t alone. Over the year more and more school districts have specing “8 Mil Armor Glass” security film for their schools. Armor Glass is now installed on a number of schools now, both public and private — providing both shooter and storm protection while cutting harmful UV and cutting energy and solar heat.

This is why I love my job as founder of Armor Glass.

Our technology is protecting people across America now – from Brownsville/El Paso/Houston/Dallas/Ft Worth TX to Florida…it pays for itself in so many ways in this insecure world of high winds and people with guns or bricks hitting fragile glass, the beginning of the end of security for all those inside. Armor Glass film is also on buildings in DC – installed after 911.

Let us give you a quote today to protect you when events go insane like today in Louisiana, a facility that was inherently unsafe until Armor Glass film was installed.

As founder, I feel good knowing that for the first time they have real protection from violent weather (and human intrusion)–to get in I had to pass through security that made the airport stuff look like a cakewalk!

Check us out today and armor your weakest link.


Vital Items for Your Storm Emergency Kit

When storms hit these are 3 things to include in your Storm Emergency Kit.

No. 1. Hurricanes and tornadoes destroy building when wind-borne debris breaks the weakest link, the glass. Those winds look for a way out and the easy way out is to uplift the roof. That immediately allows internal damages from flying glass and water, mold, etc. So, “armor that glass” with our 8 mil Clear (cuts 21% of solar heat) or Solar tint (cuts 50% of solar heat) which is hurricane-explosion-large missile impact-rated.  No need to “board up!” And, as you can see, it can fit any size glass of any shape. It even curves!

When Hurricane IKE and Harvey hit Houston, people lost power for days – some for two weeks. The same happened when Hurricane Michael hit Florida.  When IKE cut my power, I had to plug it into my car charger and hope I didn’t run out of gas or run down my battery.

No. 2. So I found this solar charger for cell phones.

No. 3. But then I found something even better – a device on Amazon that is a radio, a cell phone charger, a flashlight, and a siren. It can charge by hand-crank, sun-power and it also has a place for a battery (even recharge-ables).  This device is small enough to take on trips or camping so you don’t run out of phone power in event of an emergency. This will give people weather information and keep their phones working when there is no other power.

Get prepared!  When the storm comes its too late to call or go shopping for emergency supplies.


Storm and School Shooter security MUST address the Weakest Link

Today I sent this letter to the Texas legislature, asking them to grant a homeowner discount from their insurance company when they “armor their glass” to give it burglar and hurricane-force wind protection. It’s prevented break-ins and glass injuries. Please share with your Senator or Representative:

16 April 2019

Re: Storm and School Shooter security MUST address the Weakest Link of Every Building.

“Armor Glass” Window Protection Saves Lives and Property

Requesting Insurance discount for building owners

Dear Representative:

I wrote you in January about School security and how we are protecting schools glass entrances to keep shooters from entering. I encouraged you to help them fund these projects. We’d been told by schools they are getting quotes for ballistic glass up to $500 square foot! Our film was put on the Pentagon and DC buildings after 911 and costs under $25 a square foot.

Please keep in mind that hurricane-force winds (including tornadoes) destroys buildings by breaking the glass which is the weakest link of every building. It is wind-borne debris breaking windows that leads to roof uplift and structural collapse and interior damage. The good news is that there is a cost-effective solution that does not involve plywood or expensive shutters.

My request is for your support to require insurance companies to provide a discount (some already do) for building owners who secure their weakest link – their glass—from breach by burglars and weather events, by using a security film like ours. Our product has already saved insurance companies millions of dollars in avoided losses. It is the same film that was put on the Pentagon and DC federal buildings after 911.

To learn more, please visit our website and in the “about” section there is a link to my free book “Houses of Straw” that explains how storms tear apart buildings and how to harden the envelop to avoid that loss. It’s also available at this link:

Thank you for your consideration.k Please feel free to share this with your colleagues.


Michael Fjetland, BBA/JD


Armor Glass Int’l Inc.



Why Burglars Hate Armor Glass While it keeps Hurricane force Winds Blowing Off Your Roof

Today’s Podcast on KPRC 950 AM “Home Cents” on what Armor Glass is and how it protects your biggest asset from breach by humans and Mother Nature while saving energy as it blocks solar heat and harmful UV…
Armor Glass discussion starts a minute or so into the tape.

Why Buy Armor Glass security film to protect your home & Business – in 60 seconds

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