Coronavirus Leaves Empty Office Buildings ripe for Break-ins We Can Stop

Our crews continue to operate as we are an essential security industry. Hurricanes and burglars are not going to take a vacation due to a virus.  We are practicing social distancing and have always worked in isolation.

Coronavirus has emptied offices and buildings across America. Our products provide both security from break-ins and storm damage, but also saves energy and blocks harmful UV.

Coronavirus is a security threat in more ways than one.  Burglars prefer to strike empty buildings. Normally that means they hit homes during working hours and commercial buildings at night. With Covid19, everyone is staying home, so the vulnerable buildings are now closed storefronts and office buildings.

Empty buildings and reduced security personnel make them ripe for burglars to break in via the weakest link – the glass. It takes only a second to smash a large tempered glass window and be in and out of a space in less than a minute or two. It’s classic “smash and grab.”

Armor Glass (a U.S. registered Trademark) security films “armor the glass” to avoid the grab after the smash. They also cut solar heat and dangerous UV, saving energy at the same time, making it both security and carbon negative. It is the same film that was installed on the Pentagon and all federal buildings after 911 because it is also rated for explosions on top of hurricane-force winds and large missile impact.

That’s why we also put it on schools for shooter protection — as we are this week while the school is closed. We are an essential industry providing security by hardening your buildings’ protective envelop from breach by humans and mother nature.

Few people are aware of this technology that is a vast improvement over thin solar films that only block the sun but have zero security properties. Armor Glass does both!



Australia’s CAT 4 storms – Sign of things to come for our summer storms

Two words: Prepare NOW.

Australia has the opposite seasons as us. They are peaking out their storm season with CAT 4 hurricanes bashing the coast (they call them ‘cyclones’ south of the equator but its the same thing.) One landed with winds of 155 miles per hour!

Their summer now is a prelude to what our summer will be like in the coming months as the seasons rotate. If their experience tells us anything, PREPARE for the worst and hope for the best.

Hurricane winds destroy buildings by breaking the glass, causing uplift on the roof.  Save the glass, save the building.

Armor Glass is designed to “armor the glass” you have with our high tech, high strength, impact-rated security films that also cut solar heat and dangerous UV. All for a fraction of what shutters and impact glass costs — with none of the pain of messing with heavy, ugly plywood.

The same film has kept BURGLARS from breaking in and is also used by SCHOOLS for shooter protection. What else does all that?

Ask for free quote today. Because if we get a CAT 4 storm, it is too late to call.

Be Prepared. Get a quote today at:…/dual-cyclone-australia…/index.html


Why are you living in a “House of Straw”?

People don’t know it, but they are living in “Houses of Straw.” Remember the “Three Little Pig” story? One pig built a house of straw, one built a house of sticks and one built a house of bricks. The bad wolf ate the first two. But frankly, if the third pig had bricks and glass, the wolf would have easily broken the glass and eaten him too.

Burglars love your glass. One hit and its GONE. In 2 minutes they are GONE, with your stuff. Armor Glass security film has foiled them on countless occasions including storefronts and homes.

When a hurricane comes, your house is still a “House of Straw” – just one piece of windborne debris breaking the weakest link of your building –its glass — is the beginning of the end. Not only is glass, rain and wind now blowing in, the wind is also looking for a way OUT. That “out” is pushing up your roof, blowing out your walls. Internal damages at best and structural collapse at worse. Game over –unless you had Armor Glass “armoring that glass.”

Storm Window Protection

I’ve seen shooters blow out glass doors that our film would have held together. I’ve seen hurricanes blow out windows that ripped up the roof. I’ve seen the ugly scene after burglars have broken a glass wall and hauled off a store owners good — and I’ve seen our film prevent the next break-in after it was installed!

Armor Glass kept a burglar from breaking in on a woman home alone. It stopped a out-of-control motorcycle from bashing through the glass of a restaurant chain a month after we installed it, saving the customers from injury and death and the company millions in legal and medical expenses.

Don’t leave home without Armor glass. The live and property is saves could be yours.

Read our free book “Houses of Straw” about how it works and ask for a free quote! Or call today.


Armor Glass®- One of the Few Selected in USA as “Certified Security Film Installers”

 For Immediate Release

 Armor Glass®  ( which sells and installs Security Window Film that “armors your glass” from burglar break-ins, hurricanes, tornadoes, shooters and solar heat has been named as one of just 40 companies nationwide to be a “Certified Window Film Installer” by Saint Gobain, one of the largest construction materials companies in the world.

Our USA-made security film was installed on all federal buildings in Washington DC after 911. For them, it provides Level 2 explosion protection. For our clients, it has prevented break-ins and hurricane damage to windows, the weakest link of every building. At the same time it cuts solar heat and harmful UV rays.

“When I started Armor Glass®  over a decade ago, we set out to specialize in selling security film that is the best product on the market,” says CEO Michael Fjetland. “This certification confirms that we are one of the few companies in the USA that meets the manufacturer’s highest standards for installing this life-saving product in homes and offices.”

Armor Glass®  clients range from retired teachers to NASA’s Mission Control, Rice University, astronauts, Wal Mart, schools, etc. Check out our website today and ask for a free quote.



Increased Shootings and Bomb Threats Make Armor Glass a MUST

This has been a horrible week of bombs being sent in the mail and an increased number of shootings.  It is a sad reminder that Armor Glass security film a MUST-have protection of every buildings’ weakest link – its glass.

Don’t let happen to you. get Armor Glass security film today.

Glass provides ZERO security. Armor Glass films are Level 2 explosion rated as well as Large Missile Impact-rated (Level C).

A shooter can blow out a glass door or wall in 2 seconds – Armor Glass would provide an affordable, reinforced barrier to keep the shooter contained to allow those inside to react, call police and lock down. It would keep the shooter at the entrance, shooting holes in the film — buying valuable time so that the police can engage them at the glass wall instead of somewhere inside a building where a shooter can roam at will and shoot — and hide anywhere.

For more information, visit our website and check out the videos showing it in action. And read the free ebook “Houses of Straw” that describes in detail how the technology protects building windows from blow-outs in hurricanes and human intrusion.

Armor Glass films save energy and has saved people from injury and death from broken and flying glass. It helps prevent property damage from a breach of every buildings’ weakest link — its glass — that puts people in extreme jeopardy from TV stations, to schools, to offices and homes. Don’t leave home without it.

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Man Kicks Out Glass at TV Station – Armor Glass would have Stopped Him

Fox TV DC Man kicks in glass 2018


A man was able to KICK OUT the glass at a TV station in DC in broad daylight.  He then kicked out the glass on the second set of doors before being shot.   What if this had been in the middle of the night with no security guard to protect those inside?  Armor Glass security film would have kept him from entering the building. How?

It is a high-tech security-rated film which is bonded to the frames with a special anchoring system.

Our film was installed on DC federal buildings after 911 to provide breach protection of the glass windows from explosions. But it also keeps out burglars and people who can easily kick out glass.  The following video shows how it works on a glass curtain wall that has Armor Glass film applied, and bonded to the frames to keep it from falling out like the TV station. After hitting it HARD with a CROW BAR, they then kick at it repeatedly. They never come close to breach.


Hurricane Seymour – CAT 4 CA Rainmaker. Spent 2 days with School Admin on Protecting Their Weakest Link from Breach by Shooters/While Saving Energy

Hurricane Seymour is now a CAT 4 in the Pacific. The good news is that it will turn towards California and the jet stream will carry RAIN into a DROUGHT area…Their FIRE SEASON is now almost year round…
Spent past two days meeting school administrators about securing their weakest link. Security doors are useless if someone can shoot out the glass.
This photo is how the Sandy Hook shooter got in: sandy-hook-photo-broken-glassnexttodoor
Armor Glass stops the Shooter, at the door. It’s a life saving, energy saving miracle.

Schools – Called Armor Glass after series of Break-ins

We recently installed our Armor Glass film on a private school in Sugar Land which had suffered two break-ins in one week!  The schools has a huge amount of glass, offering easy access with minimum effort.


Now, the school students and staff are protected not just from break-ins, but they can “Shelter in place” if a tornado or hurricane hits. It would also delay a shooter from entering the building, unlike regular glass.

So, “armor your glass” with Armor Glass. Ask us for a Free Quote today!


School break-ins. Armor Glass to the rescue

We just finished putting our solar security film on a school in Sugar Land which shall remain nameless to protect their confidentiality.

Why did they want it? Because they were broken into recently. The vandals/thieves had an entire wall of glass to choose from – it really didn’t matter which glass window they choose to hit; it was easily breached.

When the school owners turned up the next day, the damage was done. They chose not the CLEAR film, which works as well, bu the TINTED SECURITY film which also cuts 50% of the solar heat that radiates through their glass, increasing their energy costs. It also knocks out 99% of the harmful UV rays that children are exposed to even when they are playing inside regular glass windows.

Armor Glass film not only secure from breach by burglars, but in the event a shooter should try to enter, it will block entry, giving them time for police to arrive and engage and the school time to lock down.

And in the next hurricane-force wind event, from a hurricane, severe storm or tornado, the staff and children will be able to “Shelter in Place”  more protected from flying glass from an impact by wind-borne debris than they have ever been.

Check out our free book “Houses of Straw” (which is what we live and work in) and ask for a Free Quote to protect your loved ones today.

It is still the least costly protection available on the market.

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Watch Our Film versus Assault Rifle…

I just returned from a 3 day conference with our manufacturer, who has produced this amazing video on how our security film stops an intruder with an assault weapon from blowing through the glass….

It is slowing him down to give police time to engage and those inside time to lock down. Check out the video:

Get more info at our website: