Vital Items for Your Storm Emergency Kit

When storms hit these are 3 things to include in your Storm Emergency Kit.

No. 1. Hurricanes and tornadoes destroy building when wind-borne debris breaks the weakest link, the glass. Those winds look for a way out and the easy way out is to uplift the roof. That immediately allows internal damages from flying glass and water, mold, etc. So, “armor that glass” with our 8 mil Clear (cuts 21% of solar heat) or Solar tint (cuts 50% of solar heat) which is hurricane-explosion-large missile impact-rated.  No need to “board up!” And, as you can see, it can fit any size glass of any shape. It even curves!

When Hurricane IKE and Harvey hit Houston, people lost power for days – some for two weeks. The same happened when Hurricane Michael hit Florida.  When IKE cut my power, I had to plug it into my car charger and hope I didn’t run out of gas or run down my battery.

No. 2. So I found this solar charger for cell phones.

No. 3. But then I found something even better – a device on Amazon that is a radio, a cell phone charger, a flashlight, and a siren. It can charge by hand-crank, sun-power and it also has a place for a battery (even recharge-ables).  This device is small enough to take on trips or camping so you don’t run out of phone power in event of an emergency. This will give people weather information and keep their phones working when there is no other power.

Get prepared!  When the storm comes its too late to call or go shopping for emergency supplies.


This Break in was a Wake Up Call

A radio guy who shall remain nameless endorsed our product in a series of ads that ran this summer, but I could not get him to let us give him a quote. He assumed it would be “too expensive.”

Well, today I got an email from him – a couple days ago while he and his wife were gone someone broke into his houses and stole his wife’s jewelry, etc. He got the call when he was out of town – and the video recorded it all. But video cameras don’t stop break-ins; they only let you know that you are in the process of being robbed. By the time police arrived, the thieves were long gone.

Now he wants a quote. It was a wake up call.

(It turned out that the quote worked out to be only $2,500 for his house, which had about 18 windows–quite a bargain versus the loss.)

The surprise: the burglars didn’t break the big glass in the front or back, as one might assume. They picked a small kitchen window that was six feet off the ground and only 13″ x 28″! One cannot assume “which” window they will strike, so do all of them.  It beats living in fear and being vulnerable.

Inside Kitchen showing broken window burglars used. Only 13" by 28"!
Inside Kitchen showing broken window burglars used. Only 13″ by 28″!

Check out our Brand NEW website that is set up to work with every type of device. Don’t delay asking for your free quote (before its too late).