Armor Glass Protection From SHOOTERS…

The Armor Glass crew and I just returned from putting our security film on a school in the Texas Panhandle. We aren’t advertising which one out of safety concerns because we don’t put any marker on the glass to indicate its there. (The 8 Mil Clear version is invisible on the glass, and the frame bonding looks much like a regular black gasket, but is anchoring the film to the frame).
Our security film is being installed on schools and glass everywhere to stop shooters and burglars (it doesn’t stop the bullet, but stops the shooter).
Armor Glass security film and the anchor bonding holds glass in place after being shot, when normally the glass blows out and the shooter walks through an empty glass frame in one or two seconds.
Armor Glass buys TIME. It delays the shooter at the entrance for precious time, giving people inside time to flee, grab a gun or lock down — and police time to confront the shooter who is still at the entrance trying to breach the barrier instead of inside killing people and hiding in some corner or hallway.
Of course, it doesn’t help if the shooter is already inside, as happened at the Walmart in El Paso. That is why the film should be used with automatic door locks to create a “man trap” in which the shooter cannot go inside the glass without first spending time making a hole big enough for him to crawl through.
Seconds count in these situations. The shooter in Dayton Ohio was killed by police in 40 seconds! Imagine if Armor Glass film provided even 40 seconds of protection to those inside a glass entrance?
If you want to “armor your glass” from shooters or hurricane-force winds, contact us today.

Armor Glass Installed on America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve – Sheltering in Place Today!

This month we put Armor Glass security film on a couple key buildings in the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in Louisiana – 50 year old buildings 16 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. This is America’s emergency supply of oil. They are sitting ducks built back in the 1970’s.

Today I learned that they are “Sheltering in Place” due to the weather. So Armor Glass is protecting staff and buildings at one of America’s most valuable assets.

WOW. Didn’t see that coming!

We “armored their glass” — most of it ancient wire glass –and reinforced it by applying our 8 mil special polycarbonate certified security film on top of their window glass to strengthen it from breach from wind-borne debris, hurricane-force winds or an explosion.

I found out on the job that we had replaced 3M for the project — they trusted our technology more! This happens a lot. Not just in Texas but across America architects have been choosing Armor Glass film as the gold standard.

If you look at the specs for Pearland School district you can confirm they wanted 8 Mil Armor Glass film to protect their students, staff and buildings. But they aren’t alone. Over the year more and more school districts have specing “8 Mil Armor Glass” security film for their schools. Armor Glass is now installed on a number of schools now, both public and private — providing both shooter and storm protection while cutting harmful UV and cutting energy and solar heat.

This is why I love my job as founder of Armor Glass.

Our technology is protecting people across America now – from Brownsville/El Paso/Houston/Dallas/Ft Worth TX to Florida…it pays for itself in so many ways in this insecure world of high winds and people with guns or bricks hitting fragile glass, the beginning of the end of security for all those inside. Armor Glass film is also on buildings in DC – installed after 911.

Let us give you a quote today to protect you when events go insane like today in Louisiana, a facility that was inherently unsafe until Armor Glass film was installed.

As founder, I feel good knowing that for the first time they have real protection from violent weather (and human intrusion)–to get in I had to pass through security that made the airport stuff look like a cakewalk!

Check us out today and armor your weakest link.


Dallas – Meeting people who lived through “Bibilical Hailstorms/Tornadoes”


Nice place! Zero parking garage cost (unlike Houston Dallas and San Antonio that pop u $15 a day to park) .Big crowd.
One woman told me she was standing next to a window when hail knocked it out. It could have gotten into her eyes.
Woke this morning to lightning that knocked out the restaurant computers. Hail season doesn’t end until November and this storm was a reminder. People were scarred/scared by the biblical hail storms they had this year.
We had a couple gun nuts who thought their gun was all the protection they need. Boy, that will really help u in the next tornado/hail storm when the wind borne debris breaks your windows, allowing the internal pressure to blow their roof off! I let those folks move on.
But we met a lot of people who “got” it when they saw our video of what happens to their window when a brick hits it.
Wrap up at 5 today. I am back to road warrior status next few months…love it. Always a new place, new people, new challenge. And the best part– we are protecting people and saving them money, while cutting damage and injury to people and their property.
No one I have talked to across this country even knows about our life/energy saving technology until my Armor Glass team came along. Not knowing about it could be costly and even deadly. So read “Houses of Straw” at our Armor Glass website to see why you want it to protect your family.

Man Records Tornado That Kills Wife – There is Something You Can Do to Avoid the Same

A man videos an approaching tornado (at the link) which seems as if it will miss them. He stands behind an upstairs window — the weakest link, breathing, watching the swirling winds come closer and closer.
Suddenly things go black and it ends up destroying his house and killing his wife downstairs.
In “Houses of Straw” at our website we show what happens on a hurricane and tornado that destroys buildings, and yes, there IS something you can do about it…
Tornadoes and hail are destroying glass walls (and roofs) from San Antonio to Dallas –all the way north. Hurricane season is approaching. Protect your weakest link before this happens to your family.
AG3-Houses of Straw Cover DesignSMALERforFacebook

Earthquake in Ecuador; HAIL in Texas 50,000 cars destroyed, 5,000 Windows

Hail 2016

Major EARTHQUAKE in Ecuador, over 200 killed. Last week I had a conversation with a resident of San Francisco, which also sits on a major fault line — as does all of California. Sooner or later, they too will have another one of these horrible destroyers that come without warning (at least I know a hurricane is coming!).

The weather is beyond bizarre. Last week HAIL was so huge in Texas that it destroyed over 50,000 cars in the Dallas area. Entire walls of glass windows were obliterated. Over 7,000 roofs suffered hail damage and over 7,000 windows blown out!

While Armor Glass won’t stop a quake, tornado or hurricane, it will hold the glass together, even in the face of baseball size hail. Armor Glass would have avoided the blow out and all the internal damage that will take MONTHS to fix.  Entire offices, files, etc. destroyed by the resulting water damage. Imagine the cost savings of avoiding months of rehab!?

There are documented deaths from broken glass – our high tech polycarbonate film is the same that was installed on DC federal buildings after 911. It contains glass as one piece instead of a thousand shards flying through the air threatening eyes, feet, etc.

I once had to break glass to jump from a 2nd story of a house on fire. I am lucky it didn’t cut an artery or I wouldn’t be here telling you this technology can save your life and protect your property. Read “Houses of Straw” at our website.


People who Live in GLASS Houses…

People who live in GLASS houses, should
(1) never throw stones
(2) hope no one throws stones at them
(3) avoid being near the glass during hurricane-force winds and
(4) know burglars love glass because it is so easy to break through ….

Glass houses3
Glass Houses10

Glass Houses11

UNLESS they have Armor Glass!

tornado protection tornadoes

TORNADO Warning…How They Destroy

Those of us in Harris county are under a TORNADO warning. It is times like this that I am so glad that I have Armor Glass protection on my windows – debris thrown by tornadoes breaks glass and blows off roofs.

EF5 Tornado
This is a good time to read how we are living in “Houses of Straw” and how to protect you biggest asset from future storms, which are guaranteed to come.

Hail houston hurricane-force winds Tornado

Last Night: Hurricane-force winds, HAIL size of tennis balls.

Last night half of Texas was hit with hurricane-force winds and hail was reported as large as tennis balls. We even had a brief tornado. 

All good reasons to get Armor Glass protection on your weakest link!

Learn more about it in our EBook “Houses of Straw”…at



I just got an email giving a Tornado WARNING (meaning they have seen funnel clouds) in Ft. Bend. At the same time Hurricane AMANDA is coming out ahead of hurricane season and is either a CAT 3 or 4 – and its hurling torrents of rain and tornado activity across TEXAS NOW….

If you hear that “roar” sound, get into a ground floor room without windows if you don’t have a basement. Put little kids in the bathtub.

If the tornado gets close enough to hurl debris through your windows, there is a chance it will disintegrate the structure, leaving an inside room (hopefully) intact, if you are lucky.

Here is what happens when either a tornado or hurricane breach your window glass. It’s basically blowing your house apart. The only thing you can do other than have a basement is window protection for wind-borne debris impact to avoid the breach. it’s what we do 24/7.

Here is a illustrated photo that we are putting into a book we are about to publish on surviving these increasingly bigger storms…

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