TORNADO Outbreak

Armor Glass film is not just for hurricane protection or keeping shooters from breaching the glass. It can also protect from vicious TORNADOES.

Tornadoes kill building just like hurricanes. They throw windborne debris though the glass. That instantly UPLIFTS the roof and its goodbye building.  If you “armor the glass” your building has a better chance of surviving those winds then with regular glass–like this high rise in Dallas that had windows stripped out by tornado winds.

This shows what happens when tornado (or hurricane) hits a high rise building. Armor Glass would have kept the glass in place, even if broken!

TEXAS actually has the HIGHEST number of reports of Tornadoes (131) according to this NOAA report.

Our 8 mil film has passed the ASTM 1886/1996 Large Missile Impact test (4.5 lb. Level C).  Compare that to what happens when a two x four hits a regular double-pane glass window in the photo below–it goes through the unprotected window, but stops at the window with Armor Glass film bonded to the frame!

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Dallas – Meeting people who lived through “Bibilical Hailstorms/Tornadoes”


Nice place! Zero parking garage cost (unlike Houston Dallas and San Antonio that pop u $15 a day to park) .Big crowd.
One woman told me she was standing next to a window when hail knocked it out. It could have gotten into her eyes.
Woke this morning to lightning that knocked out the restaurant computers. Hail season doesn’t end until November and this storm was a reminder. People were scarred/scared by the biblical hail storms they had this year.
We had a couple gun nuts who thought their gun was all the protection they need. Boy, that will really help u in the next tornado/hail storm when the wind borne debris breaks your windows, allowing the internal pressure to blow their roof off! I let those folks move on.
But we met a lot of people who “got” it when they saw our video of what happens to their window when a brick hits it.
Wrap up at 5 today. I am back to road warrior status next few months…love it. Always a new place, new people, new challenge. And the best part– we are protecting people and saving them money, while cutting damage and injury to people and their property.
No one I have talked to across this country even knows about our life/energy saving technology until my Armor Glass team came along. Not knowing about it could be costly and even deadly. So read “Houses of Straw” at our Armor Glass website to see why you want it to protect your family.

Earthquake in Ecuador; HAIL in Texas 50,000 cars destroyed, 5,000 Windows

Hail 2016

Major EARTHQUAKE in Ecuador, over 200 killed. Last week I had a conversation with a resident of San Francisco, which also sits on a major fault line — as does all of California. Sooner or later, they too will have another one of these horrible destroyers that come without warning (at least I know a hurricane is coming!).

The weather is beyond bizarre. Last week HAIL was so huge in Texas that it destroyed over 50,000 cars in the Dallas area. Entire walls of glass windows were obliterated. Over 7,000 roofs suffered hail damage and over 7,000 windows blown out!

While Armor Glass won’t stop a quake, tornado or hurricane, it will hold the glass together, even in the face of baseball size hail. Armor Glass would have avoided the blow out and all the internal damage that will take MONTHS to fix.  Entire offices, files, etc. destroyed by the resulting water damage. Imagine the cost savings of avoiding months of rehab!?

There are documented deaths from broken glass – our high tech polycarbonate film is the same that was installed on DC federal buildings after 911. It contains glass as one piece instead of a thousand shards flying through the air threatening eyes, feet, etc.

I once had to break glass to jump from a 2nd story of a house on fire. I am lucky it didn’t cut an artery or I wouldn’t be here telling you this technology can save your life and protect your property. Read “Houses of Straw” at our website.


Tornado WARNING in Texas – Hurricane force winds

Outside my window the wind is beginning to SCREAM. Winds up to 72 miles per hour were recorded in DFW area today, heading towards Houston.
hurricane force winds without hurricane march 8 2016 dallas
Texas Weather Alert! Tornado WARNINGS are in effect. We are looking at potential tornadoes across Texas all the way to Houston.
NOTICE — We are having Hurricane-force winds WITHOUT THE HURRICANE! It’s part of the “new normal” of superheated air causing bigger storms that cause more damage.
Be careful – window breaks from wind-borne debris is what blows houses apart. Flying glass kills…
Armor Glass security films “armor the glass” to avoid the breach and the loss. As I look out over the angry lake whipped up by ever strengthening winds, I know that I am sitting behind an invisible barrier that has given my glass the strength to take a 4.5 lb. brick into it, or winds up to 175 miles per hour. I am no longer living in a “house of straw” as those who don’t have it.
In this storm, if you haven’t got Armor Glass protection on your windows working 24/7/365, shelter in place but STAY AWAY from the windows during the high winds, especially if tornado winds rise. We document why in our website book “Houses of Straw.”
Heads up! MORE of these will be coming so prepare in advance without delay. A harbinger of things to come are the series of CAT 5 storms in the Pacific and the January Atlantic hurricane, the first time in over 70 years we had one that early! !
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Dallas Tornadoes – Kill 11. TV: Notice the missing windows

A few days ago a tornado driven storm struck north of Dallas, killing 11 people.  If you notice the TV footage, people are standing in front of houses that have windows blown out. Those same houses had roof loss even as the walls remained.  Some of them were totally blown away.

We suggest you read “Houses of Straw” (a Free download at our website) as it shows how breach of the windows by wind-borne debris is what leads to roof loss and collapse of houses and structures.

Dallas TornadoFromAirportDec2015

Photo: Dallas tornado seen from airport

By “armoring the glass” the damage could have been avoided or reduced, saving lives potentially and reducing property damage. Windows remain the weakest link and once they fail the entire structure is jeopardized immediately.

We are sorry to see such devastation and our thoughts are with those who lost property and lives.  Our purpose is solely to educate so people can upgrade the security of their biggest investment, their property and the people inside.