“I live in Northern Ireland. I am sure its a …strong market here.” Ironic because it all started there…

I just got an email from a guy in Northern Ireland who said:
“I live in Northern Ireland and I am sure there would be a strong market for your product here and throughout the UK.
Best regards,
So here is my response back to him (with some history added in for those who don’t remember:
Ironically, the development of our product, generically known as security window film, had its start in Northern Ireland. The need for the technology of protecting windows from blast waves from explosions arose during the 70’s series of car bombings called “the troubles” in Northern Ireland. (That was when car bombs were due to IRA (Irish Republican army), not Al Qaida that didn’t exist then.)
The manufacturer has dealers where you are. I hope there isn’t a return to the troubles due to Brexit. I have been to Limerick and Dublin and really liked the Irish people.  Glad to hear from you.
I once met a guy from Northern Ireland who told me what happened.  He said that the IRA would call the police and say something like “Car bomb is going off in 2 minutes.” (unlike Al Qaida and ISIS, who never give warnings).  The police would hit a button and sirens would blare. He said:  “When you heard the siren, you ran away from the windows as fast as you could –because when the blast wave hit the windows, the glass exploded into people’s faces.”  A glass grenade kills as easily as one made of steel. So the 70’s troubles in Ireland was when they first developed this special film to put on glass to contain it when impacted by violent forces.
It didn’t catch on in the U.S. until the 911 wake up call.  Someone woke up. In 2002, over 500,000 s.f. of the same 8 mil security film that Armor Glass sells today was put on Washington DC federal buildings from the Pentagon to Congress to the White House.
It’s still there, doing its job.  The same film also provides hurricane and tornado protection, which kill buildings by hurling debris through the glass, causing instant uplift as the winds try to find a way out. That leads to structural damage or collapse.
The identical film is being used by schools to keep shooters at the glass entrance instead of bullets blowing out the glass in 2 seconds, leaving an empty frame they can walk though and disappear down a hallway inside a giant building where they can do horrible stuff until police can find them. Our film will delay them at the glass entrance, where police can see them  — and engage to take them out.
Armor Glass® saves lives in many ways. And it saves energy costs, cuts solar heat and harmful UV rays. Every pane of glass on the planet should have it on it. How about protecting your glass and your building with Armor Glass® security film today?

From TV Terrorism Analyst to Armor Glass – Our History

How did Armor Glass start?

I am Michael Fjetland (pronounced “Fetland’), CEO of Armor Glass Int’l Inc. I was an international attorney who became a 911 terrorism analyst on TV, after predicting it (on TV) a decade before during the 1991 Gulf War (the video is on Youtube.)

                                                                              Above photo: 1991 Screen shot from Fox 26 Houston TX

The terrorism expertise came after I was laid off, oddly enough. I’ve been to Syria, Egypt, China, Europe, South America, etc. and dealt with the many different languages, treaties and legal systems. Then I was laid off and became an entrepreneur that changed my life even more than when I left the farm and became a global negotiator.

While going on TV to give terrorism updates, I discovered a technology that would protect people a lot more than me talking about it. It is a special security film — the same film that was put on the glass of the Pentagon and federal buildings in DC after 911. It’s simple, cost effective and a brilliant solution to a 5,000 year old problem –broken glass.

For DC, security film provides explosion protection–a blast wave will send glass fragments like a grenade. It riddles anyone near the glass.

But from a study I found, glass protection is also vital to keep a house or building from being destroyed or damaged in a hurricane when wind-borne debris breaks a window. That break allows hurricane-force winds inside, pushing up the roof as the winds try to get out. That leads to structural failure. Game over.

So I started a security business called Armor Glass, and trademarked it, to put this special hurricane-blast-tested film on buildings for hurricane protection. Then we discovered that it was keeping burglars from breaking into clients’ homes. Then Sandy Hook happened and it is now being installed on schools for shooter protection.

Armor Glass film is applied to school windows to keep shooters from getting through (the bullets go through but the shooter doesn’t). It has stopped burglars from getting into storefronts and homes, including a woman home alone. It provides 24/7 hurricane protection and cuts solar heat and harmful UV enough to pay for itself in energy savings.

Aside from being CEO of Armor Glass, I still write on global security and policy issues such as how tariffs kill jobs (I was an international attorney for the Fortune 500 who had to figure out how to get around tariffs, so I have direct experience as I traveled to 40-50 countries in my career to sell American products that create jobs here).

But Armor Glass is my focus, providing security. Every piece of glass on the planet needs Armor Glass film on it.

                                                                                                   Link to “Houses of Straw”

Glass is your weakest link and its failure leads to destruction of your biggest asset. Burglars love it. Big winds wreck it. Little kids can break it easily, as one did who ran into a glass wall right after we put Armor Glass film on it–no blood, screams, ruined event or rain pouring in. The toddler can’t touch the broken glass which is still on the outside.

That’s my story. “Armor your glass” with Armor Glass to provide the security everyone needs. Ask for a quote – it won’t cost anything to find out that protection is affordable and you’ll never want to leave the home or office without it.

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Armoring Your Building (Schools etc) from SHOOTERS – Armor Glass Ballistics Test

Yesterday, Armor Glass conducted ballistics test of a couple windows on which we installed Armor Glass security film. 

Compare the results to the photos below of what happened at Sandy Hook that had no armor glass protection on its windows. 

You will notice that the result is similar to the shooting in Chattanooga in which film like Armor Glass saved the people at the first attack site. 

Photos show that –despite numerous shots into the windows– he was unable to penetrate the building to reach the people inside.  Normally a couple shots will blow out glass, leaving an empty frame – like at Sandy Hook.  So he gave up and went to a second place in his car where people were caught outside and killed.

We made it into a short video (2 1/2 minutes) to show you what happens.  Note that is does NOT stop the bullet but it does prevent the glass from blowing out after a couple of shots.

WHY is this important? Look at this photo from Sandy Hook elementary school. It shows that the glass was shot out next to the door – the shooter was inside in less than a second.

 The chilling view of the breached window from the INSIDE of the school…

 Now compare the Sandy Hook glass to Armor Glass after being shot numerous times:

Here is a close up…

 That may not impress you but it SAVED LIVES just a couple days ago by keeping an ISIS-inspired shooter from entering this recruiting center in Chattanooga. 

Here is the video – 2 1/2 minutes…

Read “Houses of Straw” at


Armor Glass SAVES SCHOOL When Window Broken by Third Party

We have been asked to quote to put our blast-rated Armor Glass Security Film on a major gov’t installation in a foreign country. Can’t tell you which one or I’d have to shoot you…lol.

But just last week it proved extremely valuable to a school that had installed it just a few months ago in a suburb of Houston.  A contractor installing a video camera system drilled into the glass, which shattered it into a million pieces – but instead of a gaping hole, the broken glass was ALL CAPTURED BY OUR SECURITY FILM. And our Large Missile/Blast-rated film was held in place in the frame with our special frame attachment.

Normal, unprotected tempered glass is like your car window exploding. The school would have a security breach immediately. They were immediately subject to weather and human intrusion, which is inconvenient if it happens at 5 o’clock!  It requires scrambling for plywood which isn’t really secure. It requires overtime on weekends and after hours. It’s the same for everyone else who has bare glass.

The school said that it took a WEEK to get NEW GLASS in! Imagine living with plywood on your windows for a week, waiting on glass! It would be so easy to cut through or pull off plywood late at night if someone wanted to get in.

Instead of that nightmare, our film kept their building dry and secure until the new glass replacement (same as the old) was installed. 
Then we put a new piece of the same Armor Glass Security Film on the new window, bond it to the frame with a special Dow 995 structural sealant – and they are good to go again! What parent wouldn’t want their kid going to a school like that? 

And the special film we used has cut their energy costs as it cuts over 50% of the solar heat coming into the building. So, its paying for itself in more ways than one.

BEFORE this incident, Bonnie, the Head of the School wrote a testimonial, which we will post shortly…

I keep discovering new ways how Armor Glass security and safety films make people more secure by armoring their weakest link – their glass, more comfortable from the heat,  and helps them financially by cutting energy use and their power bills. What could be better than that?