Schools Are Being Sold Inferior Safety Film and Double-Charged….FYI!

I just attended two school conferences and was shocked by what I heard. One was in San Angelo and the other was in the School Safety Conference in San Antonio.
I was shocked by some of the stories people from schools told me – one school the contractor only applied the film but no bonding! That means the glass will fall out of the frame upon impact by either flying debris in a storm or a shooter.
Another one told me that the film on their school glass is easily damaged when a teacher tapes something to it and then removes it. Real Security Film would never fall apart like that! Someone used a thin or inferior product that will fail to work properly in a crisis if it falls apart from being taped! It needs to be replaced ASAP.
Another school told me they contracted for the film to be put on BOTH sides, which is unnecessary double dipping.
The Pentagon has 8 mil on 1 side only (its the same film that we sell and install.) So I know that the contractor is double billing. And the outside film will weather badly and have to be removed in 3 or 4 years — at school expense because the contractor will be long gone by then.
We are certified by the manufacturer and our film is the best on the market. We have put it on NASA, schools, hospitals, storefronts and homes to protect from glass blow-outs. Our installers are professional. In 15 years I’ve never seen our film split like that of a major competitor with a well-known name. I’ve done chin-ups trying to pull it off a window (back when I could do chin-ups).
Schools need to know these things that their peer schools told me during the conference. I made a checklist for schools to use if you wish to share it (attached).
Let me know if we can assist you and yours in any way.