Why Burglars Hate Armor Glass While it keeps Hurricane force Winds Blowing Off Your Roof

Today’s Podcast on KPRC 950 AM “Home Cents” on what Armor Glass is and how it protects your biggest asset from breach by humans and Mother Nature while saving energy as it blocks solar heat and harmful UV…
Armor Glass discussion starts a minute or so into the tape.

How Armor Glass Beats the HEAT While Armoring Your Weakest Link – in 1 minute

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How Armor Glass Beats the HEAT While Armoring Your Weakest Link – 1 minute


We Get the Most Unusual Calls – From Cannabis stores to Armored Hummers

One of the amusing things about heading up Armor Glass is the unique calls we get.  So far this year we have been asked to supply Armor Glass security film for

(1) a Hollywood movie scene for Keanu Reeves

(2) A cannabis store on the west coast, and

(3) A company that makes armored cars and is trying to beef up the glass in Hummers.

Numbers 2 and 3 came in this week. Obviously, a store selling cannabis that has glass windows needs to keep someone from breaking the glass late at night and hauling off the inventory.  Apparently they also have to keep the “merchandise” hidden from street view, so the silver tint version appealed to the owner.

The Hummer company is armoring cars. Apparently Hummers come with standard glass and bullet proof glass can’t be rolled up or down – so our product appealed to them because even with 8 mil (rate for Large Missile impact) still allows the windows to be rolled up and down. I know because i put it on a van i owned a few years ago. Most car tinters use a thin 2 mil film that is cut by computers. That won’t keep people from breaking in.

A couple weeks ago it was a set designer for an upcoming movie that wanted to try out Armor Glass on a room of mirrors for a scene. I am not volunteering to duel Keanu in a room of glass!

All this is in addition to providing a security film that has kept burglars from breaking in as well as hurricane-force winds from breaking windows and lifting off roofs.  It has kept schools safe from shooters and retired teachers safe from tornadoes that act like hurricanes in tearing apart buildings.

Not to mention cutting solar heat, energy bills and deadly UV. Check it out and our free ebook – how people are living in “Houses of Straw“…and how to armor your weakest link.

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A Walk in the Park Fries Your Brain — Screen out 99% Deadly UV

Today I took a walk in a park near NASA and was reminded about something not talked about enough – the sun was beating down with an intense solar heat we haven’t seen this year in Houston (which is ODD in itself). 

But it isn’t the solar heat I was concerned about. It was the UV, because it is deadlier. Here is a link to confirm that UV is a major cause of skin cancer.  In fact, is is our No. 1 cause of cancer! Exposure of even 15 minutes can spell trouble. It’s even worse for people who have already had skin cancer issues.
After my first lap, I put on a hat that I had in the car (something I bought in Belize or Mexico on a cruise stop.) 
When I drove home I was in a car with film on the glass that screens out 99% of UV. 
When I got home I have Armor Glass security film on the glass, screening out 99% of the UV that would be coming in and fading the flooring and grandma’s antiques (well, I really don’t have any antiques other than myself). 
                       A truck driver exposed to sun on his left side…
Bottom line: I am cutting my exposure to skin cancer with the same technology protecting me from break-ins, hurricanes, tornadoes and rioting neighbors (if the neighbors ever do riot.)  
This is yet another reason why we have the perfect solution to providing security by ‘armoring the glass’ you have, but also cutting solar heat and deadly UV at the same time. 
What could be better than that? How about a free quote? Contact us at and read the free EBook that explains how to protect ourselves from the houses of straw that we live in. Houses of Straw