Armor Glass®- One of the Few Selected in USA as “Certified Security Film Installers”

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 Armor Glass®  ( which sells and installs Security Window Film that “armors your glass” from burglar break-ins, hurricanes, tornadoes, shooters and solar heat has been named as one of just 40 companies nationwide to be a “Certified Window Film Installer” by Saint Gobain, one of the largest construction materials companies in the world.

Our USA-made security film was installed on all federal buildings in Washington DC after 911. For them, it provides Level 2 explosion protection. For our clients, it has prevented break-ins and hurricane damage to windows, the weakest link of every building. At the same time it cuts solar heat and harmful UV rays.

“When I started Armor Glass®  over a decade ago, we set out to specialize in selling security film that is the best product on the market,” says CEO Michael Fjetland. “This certification confirms that we are one of the few companies in the USA that meets the manufacturer’s highest standards for installing this life-saving product in homes and offices.”

Armor Glass®  clients range from retired teachers to NASA’s Mission Control, Rice University, astronauts, Wal Mart, schools, etc. Check out our website today and ask for a free quote.


breakins hurricanes skin cancer solar heat tornadoes UV

A Walk in the Park Fries Your Brain — Screen out 99% Deadly UV

Today I took a walk in a park near NASA and was reminded about something not talked about enough – the sun was beating down with an intense solar heat we haven’t seen this year in Houston (which is ODD in itself). 

But it isn’t the solar heat I was concerned about. It was the UV, because it is deadlier. Here is a link to confirm that UV is a major cause of skin cancer.  In fact, is is our No. 1 cause of cancer! Exposure of even 15 minutes can spell trouble. It’s even worse for people who have already had skin cancer issues.
After my first lap, I put on a hat that I had in the car (something I bought in Belize or Mexico on a cruise stop.) 
When I drove home I was in a car with film on the glass that screens out 99% of UV. 
When I got home I have Armor Glass security film on the glass, screening out 99% of the UV that would be coming in and fading the flooring and grandma’s antiques (well, I really don’t have any antiques other than myself). 
                       A truck driver exposed to sun on his left side…
Bottom line: I am cutting my exposure to skin cancer with the same technology protecting me from break-ins, hurricanes, tornadoes and rioting neighbors (if the neighbors ever do riot.)  
This is yet another reason why we have the perfect solution to providing security by ‘armoring the glass’ you have, but also cutting solar heat and deadly UV at the same time. 
What could be better than that? How about a free quote? Contact us at and read the free EBook that explains how to protect ourselves from the houses of straw that we live in. Houses of Straw