Armor Glass Protection From SHOOTERS…

The Armor Glass crew and I just returned from putting our security film on a school in the Texas Panhandle. We aren’t advertising which one out of safety concerns because we don’t put any marker on the glass to indicate its there. (The 8 Mil Clear version is invisible on the glass, and the frame bonding looks much like a regular black gasket, but is anchoring the film to the frame).
Our security film is being installed on schools and glass everywhere to stop shooters and burglars (it doesn’t stop the bullet, but stops the shooter).
Armor Glass security film and the anchor bonding holds glass in place after being shot, when normally the glass blows out and the shooter walks through an empty glass frame in one or two seconds.
Armor Glass buys TIME. It delays the shooter at the entrance for precious time, giving people inside time to flee, grab a gun or lock down — and police time to confront the shooter who is still at the entrance trying to breach the barrier instead of inside killing people and hiding in some corner or hallway.
Of course, it doesn’t help if the shooter is already inside, as happened at the Walmart in El Paso. That is why the film should be used with automatic door locks to create a “man trap” in which the shooter cannot go inside the glass without first spending time making a hole big enough for him to crawl through.
Seconds count in these situations. The shooter in Dayton Ohio was killed by police in 40 seconds! Imagine if Armor Glass film provided even 40 seconds of protection to those inside a glass entrance?
If you want to “armor your glass” from shooters or hurricane-force winds, contact us today.

Increased Shootings and Bomb Threats Make Armor Glass a MUST

This has been a horrible week of bombs being sent in the mail and an increased number of shootings.  It is a sad reminder that Armor Glass security film a MUST-have protection of every buildings’ weakest link – its glass.

Don’t let happen to you. get Armor Glass security film today.

Glass provides ZERO security. Armor Glass films are Level 2 explosion rated as well as Large Missile Impact-rated (Level C).

A shooter can blow out a glass door or wall in 2 seconds – Armor Glass would provide an affordable, reinforced barrier to keep the shooter contained to allow those inside to react, call police and lock down. It would keep the shooter at the entrance, shooting holes in the film — buying valuable time so that the police can engage them at the glass wall instead of somewhere inside a building where a shooter can roam at will and shoot — and hide anywhere.

For more information, visit our website and check out the videos showing it in action. And read the free ebook “Houses of Straw” that describes in detail how the technology protects building windows from blow-outs in hurricanes and human intrusion.

Armor Glass films save energy and has saved people from injury and death from broken and flying glass. It helps prevent property damage from a breach of every buildings’ weakest link — its glass — that puts people in extreme jeopardy from TV stations, to schools, to offices and homes. Don’t leave home without it.