Armor Glass SAVES SCHOOL When Window Broken by Third Party

We have been asked to quote to put our blast-rated Armor Glass Security Film on a major gov’t installation in a foreign country. Can’t tell you which one or I’d have to shoot you…lol.

But just last week it proved extremely valuable to a school that had installed it just a few months ago in a suburb of Houston.  A contractor installing a video camera system drilled into the glass, which shattered it into a million pieces – but instead of a gaping hole, the broken glass was ALL CAPTURED BY OUR SECURITY FILM. And our Large Missile/Blast-rated film was held in place in the frame with our special frame attachment.

Normal, unprotected tempered glass is like your car window exploding. The school would have a security breach immediately. They were immediately subject to weather and human intrusion, which is inconvenient if it happens at 5 o’clock!  It requires scrambling for plywood which isn’t really secure. It requires overtime on weekends and after hours. It’s the same for everyone else who has bare glass.

The school said that it took a WEEK to get NEW GLASS in! Imagine living with plywood on your windows for a week, waiting on glass! It would be so easy to cut through or pull off plywood late at night if someone wanted to get in.

Instead of that nightmare, our film kept their building dry and secure until the new glass replacement (same as the old) was installed. 
Then we put a new piece of the same Armor Glass Security Film on the new window, bond it to the frame with a special Dow 995 structural sealant – and they are good to go again! What parent wouldn’t want their kid going to a school like that? 

And the special film we used has cut their energy costs as it cuts over 50% of the solar heat coming into the building. So, its paying for itself in more ways than one.

BEFORE this incident, Bonnie, the Head of the School wrote a testimonial, which we will post shortly…

I keep discovering new ways how Armor Glass security and safety films make people more secure by armoring their weakest link – their glass, more comfortable from the heat,  and helps them financially by cutting energy use and their power bills. What could be better than that?