Hurricanes are Wiping Out Crops on Other Side of Planet – We next?

Meanwhile, on the OTHER SIDE of the planet, Hurricane FANI wiped out 1/3 of India’s crops.  On earth each hemisphere alternatives seasons. What they are experiencing now could be our future, and vice versa.
Will this soon be our fate as our hurricane season begins in 2 weeks?  The ocean temperatures are soaring. The hotter air is making these storms Super-charged.
Houston has had 3 five hundred year events in 3 consecutive years. Harvey was a 1,000 year event. Yet two days ago a 1 day rain flooded the city from Sugar land to Kingwood with massive rains. 
Take NOTHING for granted in this new era. The TWO threats are (1) Flood and (2) Wind damage from hurricane-force winds destroying windows that leads to roof loss, internal damages, structural failure.
Being Prepared Means this:
Armor Your Weakest Link.
Stay elevated.
Hunker down.