Armor Glass fabric Houses of Straw shutters tornadoes Tropical Storm Bill

Tornado Alert NE Quadrant of T.S. BILL

Weather forecasters are saying that the northeast quadrant of Tropical Storm BILL is where most tornadoes are likely to spring up. That includes my house, but I am not worried. 

 Unlike most people i have Armor Glass security film on my windows — designed to take up to a 4.5 lb. Large Missile impact (like a tree limb or a street sign) without blowing out my glass. A breach of you glass is what leads to uplift on the roof and structural failure as depicted in this photo from “Houses of Straw

Unlike those who have to go pull out heavy sheets of plywood and try to nail it up in rain and driving winds, or hang fabric on the outside when these storms threaten, my house is already protected 24/7/365 days a year.

This would be a good time to check out “Houses of Straw” before contacting us for a free quote. Find out how to harden your house of straw so it doesn’t get blown away by howling winds.


1 year since Tornado at Moore OK – Some Photos…

This time last year a EF5 tornado tore through Moore OK and leveled schools, homes and the hospital. I delivered supplies and took these photos.


Today, some of the new houses have a tornado shelter underground, which is a good thing. But their house is still vulnerable to being blown away for one simple reason – once flying debris hits a window and break it, the intruding winds will blow it apart. A hurricane does the same thing.

Progress is being made but for some reason people still don’t know that their biggest investment is subject to destruction because of the weakest link on every buildings remains as fragile as ever…Armoring the glass is no guarantee from a direct hit by a tornado, but it can protect nearby homes hit by debris…

Food for thought…