Tornado WARNING in Texas – Hurricane force winds

Outside my window the wind is beginning to SCREAM. Winds up to 72 miles per hour were recorded in DFW area today, heading towards Houston.
hurricane force winds without hurricane march 8 2016 dallas
Texas Weather Alert! Tornado WARNINGS are in effect. We are looking at potential tornadoes across Texas all the way to Houston.
NOTICE — We are having Hurricane-force winds WITHOUT THE HURRICANE! It’s part of the “new normal” of superheated air causing bigger storms that cause more damage.
Be careful – window breaks from wind-borne debris is what blows houses apart. Flying glass kills…
Armor Glass security films “armor the glass” to avoid the breach and the loss. As I look out over the angry lake whipped up by ever strengthening winds, I know that I am sitting behind an invisible barrier that has given my glass the strength to take a 4.5 lb. brick into it, or winds up to 175 miles per hour. I am no longer living in a “house of straw” as those who don’t have it.
In this storm, if you haven’t got Armor Glass protection on your windows working 24/7/365, shelter in place but STAY AWAY from the windows during the high winds, especially if tornado winds rise. We document why in our website book “Houses of Straw.”
Heads up! MORE of these will be coming so prepare in advance without delay. A harbinger of things to come are the series of CAT 5 storms in the Pacific and the January Atlantic hurricane, the first time in over 70 years we had one that early! !
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Over 6 tornadoes Hit Houston area –

According to news reports, Texas had a series of tornadoes from Lake Jackson to Alvin to Friendswood and La Porte.


Tornadoes are like condensed hurricanes. They throw debris through the weakest link of a building–its glass. Once the winds get inside they cause an uplift that blows the roof off and walls out. It happens in seconds.

If you look at this video of tornado damage in La Porte you will notice that each house has BROKEN WINDOWS! THAT is why they lost the roof!

Fortunately, we have a number of clients in those areas that were hit who had Armor Glass security film already installed on their homes or businesses. It goes over the existing glass to “armor” it from breach by impact from wind-borne debris or human intrusion.

Moral: Don’t wait for the storm to get protection, because then it is too late!

Find out how it works in “Houses of Straw” –because that is what most people are living in until they armor the weakest link, their windows!


Tornadoes Touching Down in Houston

HURRICANE Patricia died over two thousands miles ago, but its remnants are causing TORNADOES to flare up – we have had 4 of them so far TODAY.

Tornadoes are like hurricanes in that they destroy buildings by hurling DEBRIS into GLASS, causing it to blow in. The internal wind forces the Roof UP and destroys the building. At the minimum it causes immense internal damages.


If you want to know how to “armor” your building from hurricanes and tornadoes, and still have it pay for itself in solar heat reduction and energy savings, read’ Houses of Straw at our website. It’s Free.

In the meantime STAY OUT of HIGH Water, unless you have pontoons or floaties.

Armor Glass homeless man houston khou Starbucks whataburger window breaks

Man Breaks Window at STARBUCK’S – Lady Could Lose a Finger. Armor Glass Would Have Protected Them

This week in Houston a homeless man was outside a Starbucks, became agitated and hit the window with his fist, breaking the glass. 

Then he jumped into the window and landed on the table of two ladies having coffee.

They were taken to the hospital – one is reported to be in danger of losing a finger in the incident. 

Again, this shows how Armor Glass would have prevented those injuries and costs. With our protective film and frame bonding the man would not have penetrated the glass. The customers inside would have been spared the glass injuries.  

Our film prevented injuries from a similar incident at another major chain, saving them thousands in legal and medical costs.

GLASS IS DANGEROUS and FRAGILE. Armor it with Armor Glass. Isn’t it worth a FREE Quote?

Armor Glass bullets burglaries glass breakage houston robbers sandy hook shooters

The Smoke Shop That Almost Got Smoked by Robbers – What if he had Armor Glass?

This article describes a gang of robbers known for violent entries of businesses wearing masks and waving handguns. They put cocked guns to people’s heads in brute force to accomplish their mission.

The Smoke Shop owner was lucky but let’s face it — not too many people would be able to do what he did. What if he didn’t have a gun? What if he hadn’t seen them coming until they were inside?

Even if the Smoke Shop owner had locked the doors the robbers would have smashed through the glass in one second–just like the Newtown shooter– and would have immediately been on top of the people inside. They would have no time to react.

Photo shows glass that Sandy Hook shooter blew out with Assault Rifle– Gone in 2 seconds

But there is a way of giving them that precious advantage of time.  Armor Glass security film would stop them cold–IF the doors were locked (automatically or manually) before they got inside.

It “armors the glass” so it becomes a barrier, giving people inside the building time — to take cover, call 911, grab a gun — all of the above.  It keeps them separated from the thugs on the outside, even if they were shooting at the glass, only to discover that all they can do is make small holes in the glass the same size as the bullets –too small for them to get through if the door is locked.

If they stand there trying to shoot holes big enough for them to enter, they will run out of bullets and need to reload. Glass has never been a problem before, so they are confused. The police have more time to come and engage. People inside have more time to take cover and protect themselves.

It’s time people with ordinary window glass don’t have. That is why everyone in the world with glass needs Armor Glass security film protection.  Yesterday, several million people were threatened by tornadoes, sheltering in “Houses of Straw.”

It’s the first time in 5,000 years that we have “armored our glass.”  Until then, don’t throw stones at glass palaces.  Let us protect your castle.

Hail houston hurricane-force winds Tornado

Last Night: Hurricane-force winds, HAIL size of tennis balls.

Last night half of Texas was hit with hurricane-force winds and hail was reported as large as tennis balls. We even had a brief tornado. 

All good reasons to get Armor Glass protection on your weakest link!

Learn more about it in our EBook “Houses of Straw”…at