Tornadoes Ripping Texas Oklahoma ….How they destroy buildings

TORNADOES are ripping across North Texas and Oklahoma as I write.  Over 85 of the have been reported since Friday. The threat runs from San Angelo to north of Oklahoma City.
Tornadoes destroy like hurricanes — they throw debris through the windows, causing instant UPLIFT on the roof which blows roof off and walls out. That is how it blows your house/building apart! HAIL will break windows and allow damaging wind and rain inside. You can do something to protect yourself.
Armor Glass security film “armors your glass” so that impacts won’t easily breach the windows and glass doors. It will keep hail from breaching your glass and damaging the interior. It’s been tested to Miami Dade standards and has passed the Large Missile impact test (4.5 lb. Level C–like a brick smashing into it).
Every year these threats will continue. We live in “Houses of Straw” and need to armor the weakest link, the windows, or watch them blow away in the wind, with people still inside.

Dallas – Meeting people who lived through “Bibilical Hailstorms/Tornadoes”


Nice place! Zero parking garage cost (unlike Houston Dallas and San Antonio that pop u $15 a day to park) .Big crowd.
One woman told me she was standing next to a window when hail knocked it out. It could have gotten into her eyes.
Woke this morning to lightning that knocked out the restaurant computers. Hail season doesn’t end until November and this storm was a reminder. People were scarred/scared by the biblical hail storms they had this year.
We had a couple gun nuts who thought their gun was all the protection they need. Boy, that will really help u in the next tornado/hail storm when the wind borne debris breaks your windows, allowing the internal pressure to blow their roof off! I let those folks move on.
But we met a lot of people who “got” it when they saw our video of what happens to their window when a brick hits it.
Wrap up at 5 today. I am back to road warrior status next few months…love it. Always a new place, new people, new challenge. And the best part– we are protecting people and saving them money, while cutting damage and injury to people and their property.
No one I have talked to across this country even knows about our life/energy saving technology until my Armor Glass team came along. Not knowing about it could be costly and even deadly. So read “Houses of Straw” at our Armor Glass website to see why you want it to protect your family.

As president of Armor Glass, I sent the following letter to our state representatives. If interested in a discount, I encourage you to copy it and send it to your state rep and senator…

16 May 2016

Dear State Rep:

Three years ago I wrote to you after the explosion in West, Texas,which killed fifteen people to advise you that there is a technology that would have prevented some of those deaths from flying glass.  Some of you were enraged and demanded I apologize for “taking advantage of a tragedy.”  Well, three years later nothing has changed. As I said then: “You only pay attention when there is a crisis.”  Perhaps that was wrong because nothing has happened since.

Recently, Dallas and San Antonio experienced hail so severe it knocked out over 5,000 windows in the Dallas area, including the glass side of a hospital. They have also had numerous tornadoes, which — like hurricanes — destroy buildings by hurling wind-borne debris through the glass, resulting in uplift on the roof and structural collapse.

Last year I wrote you with the proposal that would cost the State of Texas nothing –allowing a discount on insurance for building owners who install “security window film” that would harden the envelop by “armoring” the weakest link of every building, its glass—so fragile even a child can break it.

In our experience, our film has prevented numerous break-ins, protected buildings during Hurricane IKE and prevented injuries at a Whataburger when a drunk guy on a motorcycle rammed their building in Seabrook, TX with enough force to break brickwork and a window. There were no customer injuries from flying glass because our film had been installed just 30 days before and contained it (no telling about the condition of the motorcyclist).

In another case a child ran into a glass wall on which we had installed film only a month before, and broke it! Our Armor Glass security film avoided injury, scares and a trip to the ER. Additionally, countless Texas businesses incur break-ins that our product would prevent. It has kept a burglar from breaking in on a woman home alone, avoiding both a theft and possible assault, or worse.

In January, we had the earliest hurricane to form in the Atlantic in over 70 years. Our luck won’t hold much longer, yet most buildings along the coast are still not protected from another hurricane—IKE blew out windows over 100 miles inland, causing billions in damages that could have been avoided with our cost effective technology. Tornadoes and hail, pose the same threat in north Texas and beyond. Schools have been asking for our protection after numerous break-ins and due to concerns about shooters.

Again, I urge the legislature to read “Houses of Straw” on our website ( to learn more about this vital safety solution and pass a law that gives owners an insurance discount for applying this protective technology that saves lives and avoids property damages. Some insurance companies provide this discount now and some do not give a discount, so not everyone is treated the same. The technology will also cut their losses due to burglaries and storms, from hail to hurricanes, while saving lives and providing 24/7/365 days a year protection while saving energy.

It won’t cost you a dime but it will save lives. Please act before we have another disaster. The old adage is still true that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


Michael Fjetland, President

Armor Glass

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Earthquake in Ecuador; HAIL in Texas 50,000 cars destroyed, 5,000 Windows

Hail 2016

Major EARTHQUAKE in Ecuador, over 200 killed. Last week I had a conversation with a resident of San Francisco, which also sits on a major fault line — as does all of California. Sooner or later, they too will have another one of these horrible destroyers that come without warning (at least I know a hurricane is coming!).

The weather is beyond bizarre. Last week HAIL was so huge in Texas that it destroyed over 50,000 cars in the Dallas area. Entire walls of glass windows were obliterated. Over 7,000 roofs suffered hail damage and over 7,000 windows blown out!

While Armor Glass won’t stop a quake, tornado or hurricane, it will hold the glass together, even in the face of baseball size hail. Armor Glass would have avoided the blow out and all the internal damage that will take MONTHS to fix.  Entire offices, files, etc. destroyed by the resulting water damage. Imagine the cost savings of avoiding months of rehab!?

There are documented deaths from broken glass – our high tech polycarbonate film is the same that was installed on DC federal buildings after 911. It contains glass as one piece instead of a thousand shards flying through the air threatening eyes, feet, etc.

I once had to break glass to jump from a 2nd story of a house on fire. I am lucky it didn’t cut an artery or I wouldn’t be here telling you this technology can save your life and protect your property. Read “Houses of Straw” at our website.


Schools – Called Armor Glass after series of Break-ins

We recently installed our Armor Glass film on a private school in Sugar Land which had suffered two break-ins in one week!  The schools has a huge amount of glass, offering easy access with minimum effort.


Now, the school students and staff are protected not just from break-ins, but they can “Shelter in place” if a tornado or hurricane hits. It would also delay a shooter from entering the building, unlike regular glass.

So, “armor your glass” with Armor Glass. Ask us for a Free Quote today!


HAIL and 70 mph Winds in N Texas – Blow out Windows

HAIL, driven by 70 mph winds in north Texas, knocked out windows. If they had Armor Glass NONE of this would have happened. Yes, the windows would break but the damaging winds and rain would NOT have penetrated the houses…
 Hail 2016
Check us out and ask for a Free Quote today before this happens to you.

Over 6 tornadoes Hit Houston area –

According to news reports, Texas had a series of tornadoes from Lake Jackson to Alvin to Friendswood and La Porte.


Tornadoes are like condensed hurricanes. They throw debris through the weakest link of a building–its glass. Once the winds get inside they cause an uplift that blows the roof off and walls out. It happens in seconds.

If you look at this video of tornado damage in La Porte you will notice that each house has BROKEN WINDOWS! THAT is why they lost the roof!

Fortunately, we have a number of clients in those areas that were hit who had Armor Glass security film already installed on their homes or businesses. It goes over the existing glass to “armor” it from breach by impact from wind-borne debris or human intrusion.

Moral: Don’t wait for the storm to get protection, because then it is too late!

Find out how it works in “Houses of Straw” –because that is what most people are living in until they armor the weakest link, their windows!

Armor Glass baltimore. Hail JP Pritchard riots tornadoes

Mile wide Tornadoes in Texas; Softball size HAIL “that looked like SNOW”…


It was reported that Texas had at least 8 tornadoes over the weekend. One was reported to be “a mile wide.” The Texas panhandle near Amarillo got softball size HAIL that looked like a snow storm.  

Here is a video showing what HAIL can do to your windows:

                                               Above:  That’s NOT Snow; It’s HAIL 
                                                near Amarillo April 2015

                                        That is one of the Texas-sized Hail stones..

JP Pritchard talks about how a hail storm showered him and his wife with GLASS, which Armor Glass security film would have avoided.

Don’t let this happen to you. BE PREPARED! More Information, read “Houses of Straw” and ask for a Free Quote.  It’s also protection from solar heat, hurricanes, burglars….

The one thing it WON’T do is cook you breakfast in the morning!

Armor Glass Hail tornadoes

WATCH the Power of HAIL Breaking Car Glass – Tornado nearby

This is an excellent VIDEO showing HAIL reported to be “soft ball size” hitting a car near Stephenville Tx and BREAKING the windshield.

While Armor Glass is designed more for buildings, the impact is the same – hail breaks out windows, allowing damaging glass, wind and rain inside a building.

Houston is under a tornado watch today. Texas and the midwest have had a number of tornadoes in recent days. Be prepared. read “Houses of Straw” at our website and contact us for a FREE quote.

Hail houston hurricane-force winds Tornado

Last Night: Hurricane-force winds, HAIL size of tennis balls.

Last night half of Texas was hit with hurricane-force winds and hail was reported as large as tennis balls. We even had a brief tornado. 

All good reasons to get Armor Glass protection on your weakest link!

Learn more about it in our EBook “Houses of Straw”…at