Atlantic Now Has 4 Storms as We Enter Hurricane Peak month

We now have 4 active storms in the gulf and Atlantic. Fernand may impact South Texas and who knows what Gabrielle will threaten as Dorian rolls up the Atlantic coast. We also have an as yet unnamed tropical wave forming in the hot Atlantic. This is the peak of Hurricane season.

If we get one in the Gulf we could have less than 24 hours notice before it makes landfall – that was what happened with Harvey.

Don’t wait for one bearing down on us to call, because that is too late.


Here Comes Dorian – Aiming at Florida where we just finished project…

Just this month Armor Glass put our hurricane-rated security film on several stores for a client of ours who has locations in Florida including Jacksonville.
Today it appears that computer models show Jacksonville is in the red zone of Tropical storm Dorian which has the potential of becoming a hurricane before landfall.
The good news is that our security film is already working! No need to “board up” if it does hit. The film has passed the Miami Dade hurricane test and large missile impact tests in an independent lab.
We anchored the film to the frames with a structural sealant that looks like caulking but is far superior in that it not only seals from leaks, it is actually holding the film to the glass when wind-borne debris breaks the glass.
Normally when that happens all the glass breaks into small pieces and falls to the fall, leaving a gaping opening in which wind and rain rush. The wind tries to get out by pushing up on the roof. The rain makes mold and months of reconstruction necessary.
ALL of this is avoided with Armor Glass security film. Even if broken, the film provides a seal from the wind and rain. No uplift on the roof. No rain penetrating during a storm so no reconstruction required. Replace the broken glass, put on new Armor Glass security film and you are good to go again – safer and more secure because of Armor Glass.
We have seen how our competitors offer cheap film that tears apart and easily pulls off the glass. Not so with Armor Glass film – our 8 mil pulls off only after much struggle, and in one piece. It is the “Mercedes” of film, but comes at a price even Ford people can afford.
Check us out. If your job is too small and far away for us, we will try to help you find someone in your area to help, but that is never easy. Few people know about the technology and fewer still know how to properly install security film so it works properly.
For example, failure to apply frame bonding on a tempered glass will result in the glass falling out of the frame after impact, because it wasn’t anchored. Plate glass however does not require frame bonding.
Armor Glass is a registered U.S. trademark. Our security films (clear and tint versions) have prevented injuries and loss from hurricane-force storms, burglars and even children running into glass and breaking it –avoiding blood, screams, stitches and trips to the ER.
And when the storms like Dorian come, you don’t have to “board up” to prepare. You already are…