From a customer: “We are blown-away with the results”

This is a letter from a recent customer:
“We wanted Armor Glass for the security against “smash-and-grab” burglars in our neighborhood. But, we found the 8 mil. Tinted Security Film also really blocks the heat!  We had our entire house treated with the tinted security film on our inside windows. We have storm windows protecting all windows and we also have a porch over-hang all the way around our home, so we simply could not believe how much heat was coming into our home. It was when I was washing the windows in prep for the installation that I noticed how hot these inside windows were, and I decided to go with the tinted instead of clear Armor Glass. Now, these inside windows are cool to the touch. The tinted security film really cuts the heat 90%.  It’s amazing!
Visitors (that know our home) are commenting (unsolicited) how cool and comfortable our family room is! For 15 years, it has been the hottest room in the house. Now, the whole house is cooler. The AC unit is cycling off for 30 minutes or longer on 100 degree days!  (Our unit has never cycled off during the hottest days of summer). We are blown-away with the results.  
Our advice: It pays to hire the best company for installation.  All of our 55 year-old, loose and leaking window panes are now sealed and secured because of the process of sealing this security film with a “hard-as-nails” bonding to the aluminum frames.  So, we have the security protection we want, and we believe the product will pay for itself with energy savings!
And, we were worried that the tinted security film would darken the home – it doesn’t.  It makes looking outside relaxing because of the reduced glare. Colors are richer. We are just very pleased with the results. Plus, we like that the security film is actually glued to the glass, as well as bonded with a hard-as-nails caulk. We like that the company color-matched the caulk to each surface, brown, aluminum, white or black!  The installers were very polite, efficient and professional.
Bottom line: It’s worth hiring the best company in Houston – Armor Glass International.  They have done work for the Pentagon and NASA, so you know their workers have had high security background checks.  They have a great Life-time manufacturer warranty.
We feel secure in our home against burglars and/or plate-glass accidents, and we are more comfortable than ever. Thank you, Michael, Tom and Clint of Armor Glass International! 
THANK YOU KAREN for your feedback…