Radio host who learned a Hard Lesson – Never Leave Home Without Armor Glass!

A radio personality in Houston spent the summer talking about Armor Glass. Now he wishes he had taken his own advice and had it installed BEFORE his house was broken into.

Here is JP Pritchard, in his own words (60 seconds):

After the break-in, JP asked for a quote and was surprised how reasonable it was. We had it installed in no time. He later said: “We didn’t leave the house for a week after the break-in, not until we have Armor Glass installed. Only then did we feel comfortable going away with no one home.”

Contact us today for a FREE quote. Don’t wait to lose your valuables before calling.  JP and his wife will not recover a lot of property worth more than what Armor Glass cost to install, not to mention those sentimental valuables.



Video of burglary Not As Good As Keeping Them OUT

Last week, Houston radio personality JP Pritchard was in Brenham when he got noticed that his home alarm system had gone off, but it was already too late. When he and his wife got home, the thieves were long gone along with their loot.

JP called us and this week we installed Armor Glass security film throughout his house. It reinforces the weakest link – their glass. That is how they broke in. In fact here is a photo of the window they broke to get in – its one I would not have assumed they would break:

Burglars broke 13 inch wide window
Burglars broke 13 inch wide window

Moral: VIDEO cameras don’t keep the bad guys OUT. ARMOR GLASS DOES. Call for a FREE quote today. JP is endorsing us.

The irony is that is cost a fraction of what he thought it would – and far less than what was lost.


This Break in was a Wake Up Call

A radio guy who shall remain nameless endorsed our product in a series of ads that ran this summer, but I could not get him to let us give him a quote. He assumed it would be “too expensive.”

Well, today I got an email from him – a couple days ago while he and his wife were gone someone broke into his houses and stole his wife’s jewelry, etc. He got the call when he was out of town – and the video recorded it all. But video cameras don’t stop break-ins; they only let you know that you are in the process of being robbed. By the time police arrived, the thieves were long gone.

Now he wants a quote. It was a wake up call.

(It turned out that the quote worked out to be only $2,500 for his house, which had about 18 windows–quite a bargain versus the loss.)

The surprise: the burglars didn’t break the big glass in the front or back, as one might assume. They picked a small kitchen window that was six feet off the ground and only 13″ x 28″! One cannot assume “which” window they will strike, so do all of them.  It beats living in fear and being vulnerable.

Inside Kitchen showing broken window burglars used. Only 13" by 28"!
Inside Kitchen showing broken window burglars used. Only 13″ by 28″!

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