Beware the False Prophets – And Bad Advice Such as This..

I received a phone call yesterday from a police officer who provides security assessments for a city in the Houston area. What he told me was shocking. It involved a competitor deliberating lying to customers.

He said that one of our competitors actually published an article for homeowners that stated: “You do NOT have to use frame bonding on tempered glass.”

What is “frame bonding” and why should you care?

Here is why. The next photo shows you what happens when it is not done on a TEMPERED window:


The competitor company did an installation on a tempered glass door of a house for people who specially asked for security film, not just cheap solar film. When the home owner returned one day, he found that the glass from his back door was lying on the sofa — the burglars had hit the glass and when it disengaged from the frame–as it WILL do when struck and there is no bonding holding it to the frame–they carried it over to the sofa and put it there.  Then they stepped through the empty frame and helped themselves. The company that did this should be liable for their loss. It was more than gross negligence.

Here is a photo showing what frame bonding looks like as it is being applied and how it looks once set — keep in mind that it comes in different colors and we put white bonding on white frames, black bonding on black frames, etc.


White frame bonding example 3 close up

Without frame bonding applied to a tempered window that our security film has been installed, the glass WILL fall out!  This was unprofessional advice. It’s one thing if they are just too lazy to do it right. But its a whole another thing to deliberately give false advice to potential customers. That’s fraud!

On PLATE glass no such frame bonding is required. But on tempered glass is it ALWAYS needed to provide the protection sought. The following photo what happens if it is impacted WITH BONDING (it breaks but STAYS IN THE FRAME, blocking the bad guy and the hurricane force winds):


I advise that you check with the Better Business Bureau about a company before retaining them. And if they tell you that frame bonding is NOT required on tempered glass, tell them to not let the screen door hit them on the butt on the way out the door.

More details on this important professional detail is in the free ebook on our website entitled “Houses of Straw.”  Read it and you will know more than most of the film people you talk to.  After all, when NASA wanted the job done right, they insisted on Armor Glass, not Brand X like these guys who left a homeowner with a loss.