building codes house destruction hurricane tornadoes windborne debris

Possible TORNADOES Coming Friday Saturday – Texas, Oklahoma etc.

It’s Tuesday and calm but by this Friday and Saturday SEVERE weather is expected to sweep large sections of Texas and Oklahoma — the major risk being TORNADOES, HAIL, etc.

If you can, COVER YOUR WINDOWS to keep them from being broken by wind-borne debris if you do not already have our Armor Glass security film on your windows.  It “armors your glass” so it is capable of sustaining 4.5 lb impacts and explosions. Right now it can’t take any impact without opening a huge hole.

Once the windows go, the winds UPLIFT the ROOF and structural failure is unavoidable. 

Believe it or not, but most humans are living in “houses of straw” that are easily blown apart because of a fatal flaw – easily broken glass. 

Unless you want to be putting up and taking down plywood or fabric every time an event occurs, Armor Glass is the only option that makes sense. It’s working 24/7, saving energy to pay for itself, while protecting your most valuable asset and family in it. 

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Then give us a buzz so we can help you before the next storm blows in – it’s too late to call when the burglar is at the door or the hurricane or tornado are bearing down upon us.