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TORNADO Warning…How They Destroy

Those of us in Harris county are under a TORNADO warning. It is times like this that I am so glad that I have Armor Glass protection on my windows – debris thrown by tornadoes breaks glass and blows off roofs.

EF5 Tornado
This is a good time to read how we are living in “Houses of Straw” and how to protect you biggest asset from future storms, which are guaranteed to come.

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A Walk in the Park Fries Your Brain — Screen out 99% Deadly UV

Today I took a walk in a park near NASA and was reminded about something not talked about enough – the sun was beating down with an intense solar heat we haven’t seen this year in Houston (which is ODD in itself). 

But it isn’t the solar heat I was concerned about. It was the UV, because it is deadlier. Here is a link to confirm that UV is a major cause of skin cancer.  In fact, is is our No. 1 cause of cancer! Exposure of even 15 minutes can spell trouble. It’s even worse for people who have already had skin cancer issues.
After my first lap, I put on a hat that I had in the car (something I bought in Belize or Mexico on a cruise stop.) 
When I drove home I was in a car with film on the glass that screens out 99% of UV. 
When I got home I have Armor Glass security film on the glass, screening out 99% of the UV that would be coming in and fading the flooring and grandma’s antiques (well, I really don’t have any antiques other than myself). 
                       A truck driver exposed to sun on his left side…
Bottom line: I am cutting my exposure to skin cancer with the same technology protecting me from break-ins, hurricanes, tornadoes and rioting neighbors (if the neighbors ever do riot.)  
This is yet another reason why we have the perfect solution to providing security by ‘armoring the glass’ you have, but also cutting solar heat and deadly UV at the same time. 
What could be better than that? How about a free quote? Contact us at and read the free EBook that explains how to protect ourselves from the houses of straw that we live in. Houses of Straw
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Tornado Alert NE Quadrant of T.S. BILL

Weather forecasters are saying that the northeast quadrant of Tropical Storm BILL is where most tornadoes are likely to spring up. That includes my house, but I am not worried. 

 Unlike most people i have Armor Glass security film on my windows — designed to take up to a 4.5 lb. Large Missile impact (like a tree limb or a street sign) without blowing out my glass. A breach of you glass is what leads to uplift on the roof and structural failure as depicted in this photo from “Houses of Straw

Unlike those who have to go pull out heavy sheets of plywood and try to nail it up in rain and driving winds, or hang fabric on the outside when these storms threaten, my house is already protected 24/7/365 days a year.

This would be a good time to check out “Houses of Straw” before contacting us for a free quote. Find out how to harden your house of straw so it doesn’t get blown away by howling winds.

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Possible TORNADOES Coming Friday Saturday – Texas, Oklahoma etc.

It’s Tuesday and calm but by this Friday and Saturday SEVERE weather is expected to sweep large sections of Texas and Oklahoma — the major risk being TORNADOES, HAIL, etc.

If you can, COVER YOUR WINDOWS to keep them from being broken by wind-borne debris if you do not already have our Armor Glass security film on your windows.  It “armors your glass” so it is capable of sustaining 4.5 lb impacts and explosions. Right now it can’t take any impact without opening a huge hole.

Once the windows go, the winds UPLIFT the ROOF and structural failure is unavoidable. 

Believe it or not, but most humans are living in “houses of straw” that are easily blown apart because of a fatal flaw – easily broken glass. 

Unless you want to be putting up and taking down plywood or fabric every time an event occurs, Armor Glass is the only option that makes sense. It’s working 24/7, saving energy to pay for itself, while protecting your most valuable asset and family in it. 

Check out our FREE EBook, “Houses of Straw” and our website at 

Then give us a buzz so we can help you before the next storm blows in – it’s too late to call when the burglar is at the door or the hurricane or tornado are bearing down upon us.


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How Tornadoes/Hurricanes Destroy Houses

Yesterday tornadoes swept through South Dakota, doing massive damage. One photo demonstrates how tornadoes and their hurricane cousins destroy buildings. Here it is:


Notice the missing windows. Then notice the missing roof above.  Once a tornado’s hurricane-force winds break your windows, they uplift the roof. That’s what destroys your house!  Protect the glass, protect the building.

To get more details on how this principal was discovered, read “Houses of Straw” a free EBook you can get at our website or at this link.  

The title means what it says – we are living in “houses of straw” that are easily destroyed until we armor its weakest link from breach.

Then call us for a free quote.

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First Tropical Storm Plus TORNADOES – Weather is firing UP early in 2015

Tornado Tsunami expected this weekend. Pre-season Tropical Storm…already fired up. Buckle your seat-belts, its going to be a bumpy storm season…

More than 2 weeks before the official start of hurricane season we have our first named tropical storm ANA. This is highly unusual since we typically don’t start getting depressions or tropical storms until later in the season – towards July and August.

But what’s a hurricane without a tornado? The Texas panhandle and stretches from Oklahoma to the Midwest are getting a tsunami of TORNADOES. Some people in Oklahoma went into storm shelters underground, which flooded from heavy rain. One woman was drowned.  

People are facing the question: Where is safe?

Again, many houses could be saved from destruction if they had window protection. Once wind-borne debris from hurricane-force winds break your glass, its uplift on the roof and “game over” for the structure. Keeping the windows sealed is vital for protection. 

That is what Armor Glass does. It’s the lowest cost security option that also saves energy and protects from burglar break-ins. Read more about it in our Free EBook “Houses of Straw” and check out our videos at

One thing is clear. The storm season is just beginning. Get prepared NOW, before your most valuable asset takes a hit.

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Mile wide Tornadoes in Texas; Softball size HAIL “that looked like SNOW”…


It was reported that Texas had at least 8 tornadoes over the weekend. One was reported to be “a mile wide.” The Texas panhandle near Amarillo got softball size HAIL that looked like a snow storm.  

Here is a video showing what HAIL can do to your windows:

                                               Above:  That’s NOT Snow; It’s HAIL 
                                                near Amarillo April 2015

                                        That is one of the Texas-sized Hail stones..

JP Pritchard talks about how a hail storm showered him and his wife with GLASS, which Armor Glass security film would have avoided.

Don’t let this happen to you. BE PREPARED! More Information, read “Houses of Straw” and ask for a Free Quote.  It’s also protection from solar heat, hurricanes, burglars….

The one thing it WON’T do is cook you breakfast in the morning!

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WATCH the Power of HAIL Breaking Car Glass – Tornado nearby

This is an excellent VIDEO showing HAIL reported to be “soft ball size” hitting a car near Stephenville Tx and BREAKING the windshield.

While Armor Glass is designed more for buildings, the impact is the same – hail breaks out windows, allowing damaging glass, wind and rain inside a building.

Houston is under a tornado watch today. Texas and the midwest have had a number of tornadoes in recent days. Be prepared. read “Houses of Straw” at our website and contact us for a FREE quote.

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How is it that one house is not destroyed in a storm when those next to it are?

20 April 2015
For Immediate Release
How is it that one house is not destroyed in a storm when those next to it are?

“Houses of Straw” is a FREE EBook that describes how buildings are destroyed by hurricane-force winds — and how to protect them using a technology that pays for itself over time in energy savings. Same technology was used after 911 on DC federal buildings.

“Houses of Straw” can be downloaded at or at this Lulu link:

For more Info:
Michael Fjetland

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How to protect your castle from being blown apart…or burgled.

TORNADOES have been ripping through the Midwest, jeopardizing millions of lives.

As we get into spring storm season, this is a good time to read the Free Ebook “Houses of Straw” – how to protect your castle from being blown apart…or burgled. While being cooler and saving energy…

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