What Tornadoes Do to High Rise Buildings

This is what a TORNADO does to high rise buildings. Armor Glass would keep them in place EVEN IF BROKEN.

This shows what happens when tornado (or hurricane) hits a high rise building. Armor Glass would have kept the glass in place, even if broken!
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Typhoon Hits GUAM ..Sign of early Hurricane season here?

A Typhoon (Hurricane) just hit GUAM in the Pacific Ocean with winds over 100 mph. Again, this is another storm arriving EARLY before the storm season is really supposed to start.  To me, it is another sign that we could face fierce, unpredictable weather.

Today, severe storms will hit from Central Texas all the way up to the Midwest.  Get Prepared!  Blown out windows from wind-borne debris is what leads to roof uplift and structural collapse. We are living in “houses of straw” while facing bigger threats to our biggest investment.

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