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How Many Times Do You Need a Break-In Before Calling Armor Glass?

Got an emergency call yesterday – a chain store that had been robbed multiple times. The Crooks break the glass and run in, grab stuff, and run out — all in one minute!

Finally they did some research and called Armor Glass – had a crew there the next day (today) to ‘armor their glass.’  Should be a big surprise the next time someone tries to break in that store…

And then there was the TORNADO in Giddings, TX. This is a great example of what Armor Glass can prevent – injuries from flying glass after breach by a tornado or hurricane…


burglaries burglars smash and grab storefront break ins.

Anatomy of a Burglary

This video was taken by a home security system of a break in on July 14, 2014 in Houston.  We have edited it down to less than 2 minutes…

Notice that having cameras viewing burglar suspects does NOT keep them from breaking in – they don’t even open the door they broke to avoid setting off an alarm!

Only Armor Glass security film on those glass doors would have made a difference. And covering only a few windows won’t cut it – you can’t predict which glass entry they will choose.

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