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A Walk in the Park Fries Your Brain — Screen out 99% Deadly UV

Today I took a walk in a park near NASA and was reminded about something not talked about enough – the sun was beating down with an intense solar heat we haven’t seen this year in Houston (which is ODD in itself). 

But it isn’t the solar heat I was concerned about. It was the UV, because it is deadlier. Here is a link to confirm that UV is a major cause of skin cancer.  In fact, is is our No. 1 cause of cancer! Exposure of even 15 minutes can spell trouble. It’s even worse for people who have already had skin cancer issues.
After my first lap, I put on a hat that I had in the car (something I bought in Belize or Mexico on a cruise stop.) 
When I drove home I was in a car with film on the glass that screens out 99% of UV. 
When I got home I have Armor Glass security film on the glass, screening out 99% of the UV that would be coming in and fading the flooring and grandma’s antiques (well, I really don’t have any antiques other than myself). 
                       A truck driver exposed to sun on his left side…
Bottom line: I am cutting my exposure to skin cancer with the same technology protecting me from break-ins, hurricanes, tornadoes and rioting neighbors (if the neighbors ever do riot.)  
This is yet another reason why we have the perfect solution to providing security by ‘armoring the glass’ you have, but also cutting solar heat and deadly UV at the same time. 
What could be better than that? How about a free quote? Contact us at and read the free EBook that explains how to protect ourselves from the houses of straw that we live in. Houses of Straw
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Typhoon Hits GUAM ..Sign of early Hurricane season here?

A Typhoon (Hurricane) just hit GUAM in the Pacific Ocean with winds over 100 mph. Again, this is another storm arriving EARLY before the storm season is really supposed to start.  To me, it is another sign that we could face fierce, unpredictable weather.

Today, severe storms will hit from Central Texas all the way up to the Midwest.  Get Prepared!  Blown out windows from wind-borne debris is what leads to roof uplift and structural collapse. We are living in “houses of straw” while facing bigger threats to our biggest investment.

Check out Armor Glass today.

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How Tornadoes/Hurricanes Destroy Houses

Yesterday tornadoes swept through South Dakota, doing massive damage. One photo demonstrates how tornadoes and their hurricane cousins destroy buildings. Here it is:


Notice the missing windows. Then notice the missing roof above.  Once a tornado’s hurricane-force winds break your windows, they uplift the roof. That’s what destroys your house!  Protect the glass, protect the building.

To get more details on how this principal was discovered, read “Houses of Straw” a free EBook you can get at our website or at this link.  

The title means what it says – we are living in “houses of straw” that are easily destroyed until we armor its weakest link from breach.

Then call us for a free quote.

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First Tropical Storm Plus TORNADOES – Weather is firing UP early in 2015

Tornado Tsunami expected this weekend. Pre-season Tropical Storm…already fired up. Buckle your seat-belts, its going to be a bumpy storm season…

More than 2 weeks before the official start of hurricane season we have our first named tropical storm ANA. This is highly unusual since we typically don’t start getting depressions or tropical storms until later in the season – towards July and August.

But what’s a hurricane without a tornado? The Texas panhandle and stretches from Oklahoma to the Midwest are getting a tsunami of TORNADOES. Some people in Oklahoma went into storm shelters underground, which flooded from heavy rain. One woman was drowned.  

People are facing the question: Where is safe?

Again, many houses could be saved from destruction if they had window protection. Once wind-borne debris from hurricane-force winds break your glass, its uplift on the roof and “game over” for the structure. Keeping the windows sealed is vital for protection. 

That is what Armor Glass does. It’s the lowest cost security option that also saves energy and protects from burglar break-ins. Read more about it in our Free EBook “Houses of Straw” and check out our videos at

One thing is clear. The storm season is just beginning. Get prepared NOW, before your most valuable asset takes a hit.

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Protecting Your Weakest Link – 60 second clip on Armor Glass vs Plywood and Impact Glass. Saving energy

How Armor Glass protects your weakest link from human intrusion and hurricane-force winds, and how it also pays for itself in energy savings…



Armor Glass burglars hurricanes JP Pritchard solar heat

What JP Pritchard Says About Armor Glass in 60 seconds

What JP Pritchard Says About Armor Glass in 60 seconds.

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How is it that one house is not destroyed in a storm when those next to it are?

20 April 2015
For Immediate Release
How is it that one house is not destroyed in a storm when those next to it are?

“Houses of Straw” is a FREE EBook that describes how buildings are destroyed by hurricane-force winds — and how to protect them using a technology that pays for itself over time in energy savings. Same technology was used after 911 on DC federal buildings.

“Houses of Straw” can be downloaded at or at this Lulu link:

For more Info:
Michael Fjetland

Armor Glass burglary Hail Houses of Straw hurricanes kansas oklahoma shooters tornadoes

How to protect your castle from being blown apart…or burgled.

TORNADOES have been ripping through the Midwest, jeopardizing millions of lives.

As we get into spring storm season, this is a good time to read the Free Ebook “Houses of Straw” – how to protect your castle from being blown apart…or burgled. While being cooler and saving energy…

Available at Armor Glass home and this link:

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BASEBALL HAIL TONIGHT. PreMature baby ward in Lansing Asked for Armor Glass

Weather radar shows over 40 million Americans under the threat of BASEBALL size HAIL, TORNADOES and Hurricane-force winds.  It’s WICKED air; Violent air. 

But there is a hospital ward for premature babies in Lansing Michigan that faces a gravel roof that is safer tonight because of Armor Glass. They are on the 5th floor -all enclosed except for a row of glass windows that face that 4th floor roof. That glass poses a major threat if tornado force winds pick up the gravel — and hurl it into the windows at over 70 miles per hour. 

Wind-borne debris would breach the glass and let loose all hell inside – wind, rain, flying glass among premature babies, nurses, doctors and staff. Injuries and death would be unavoidable.

Solution? Armor Glass was called in protect them. We installed a special film designed for 4.5 lb. impacts and 175 mile per hour winds. It basically ‘armors their glass’ from breach from baseball size hailstones slamming into the glass in this or a future storm. It is protecting the baby ward.

Tonight in Lansing, as the annual winds of rage swoop down from the sky, Armor Glass is on duty, 24/7/365. 

NEXT: Sandra Bullock woke up to find a guy in her house. She hid in a safe closet. How did he get in? Through a locked GLASS DOOR he had broken. 

It’s another application for Armor Glass security films. But she’ll have to call us. We’re busy giving FREE quotes!

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Dear Texas Legislature – Please Upgrade Our Building codes and Efficiency Laws

I just sent this letter to our Texas Senators and Representatives, trying to get them to upgrade our building codes to protect Texan lives and property.  

I invited them –and invite you– to join us any time the next 3 days at the Texas Home Show at the George Brown Convention center in Houston March 27, 28 & 29 – to see a life saving technology that keeps houses intact in hurricanes and kids unharmed from broken glass. We are at booth #837. Here is the letter:
26 March 2015
Dear Senator/Rep. «Name»:

I wrote to members in 83rd Legislature in 2013 about upgrading our building codes after a tornado ripped through Moore, Oklahoma and an explosion ripped through West, Texas. I am writing again because some experts are predicting that the 2015 Hurricane season will be the most dangerous in ten (10) years.

Yesterday tornadoes were once again ripping through Oklahoma. They also threaten millions of Texans who still live in “houses of straw” that are regularly breached by burglars breaking glass and hurricane-force winds. Coastal Texans remain vulnerable to high winds, yet are told they must remain vulnerable or buy extraordinary-expensive shutters or impact glass most cannot afford.

On February 18th, 2015, I wrote requesting your consideration of giving building owners an insurance discount for upgrading their buildings to withstand hurricane force winds since studies have shown glass breakage by wind-borne debris is what leads to structural failure, not to mention internal damages, mold and months of reconstruction that could have been avoided by updating our building codes and using lower cost protective technologies available on the market.

The losses to homeowners and insurance companies could be drastically reduced by adding a simple technology that was used on the federal buildings in Washington DC after 9/11. It is explained in a book entitled “Houses of Straw Houses of Wood” which is available at this link:

I have supplied proposed language to Sen. Taylor and Rep. Paul (from my district) for your consideration. The same technology would also save people money by cutting their solar heat, which cuts their energy use. It would eventually pay for itself, unlike most technologies I am aware of.

As a strong advocate of energy efficiency, I also endorse passage of HB 2392 and HB 3363, bills which will facilitate sustainable financing for residential energy efficiency. Additionally, I suggest that HB 1736 either be modified or rejected since it would slow the adoption of new building codes in Texas which are desperately needed to take our buildings to the next level insecurity and efficiency. I endorse the following modifications to HB 1736: 1) Remove the 6 year waiting period for adoption of new energy codes, 2) Include the immediate adoption of IECC 2015, 3) Remove the bill’s applicability to commercial buildings, 4) Allow local jurisdictions to adopt more stringent codes if desired, and 5) Ensure that the Texas A&M Energy Systems Lab approval is required for any alternative approach to current energy code requirements.

If any of you will be in Houston this weekend and want to see what security window film technology looks like or wants to ask questions, Armor Glass will be at the Texas Home Show at the George Brown convention center Friday 2-7 p.m., Saturday 10 -7 p.m. and Sunday 11-5 p.m. Booth #837. We have a few complimentary tickets; if you wish to have one, let us know at 713-213-5080.

Thank you for your consideration
Very truly yours,

Michael Fjetland
Armor Glass International, Inc.